Want to become a certified Project Manager or Trainer ?

SAFe program for Project managers

This is what you need to know about the SAFe Program Consultant ( SPC ) Training and Certification Course

Intro to Agile

The term agile is referred  to a project management methodology that is widely used across organizations.  The incremental approach where developmental work is done in weekly or monthly sprints with a simple projected design followed by evaluations, tests  and customer feedback incorporation is pretty much that sums up the Agile Methodology.

The Program

The SAFe program and the certification course are only designed for agile change agents and external consultants. This program helps an individual to learn and implement agile architecture, portfolio management, programs, and leadership as part of the enterprise lean cum Agile change initiative.

Who Should Attend ?

Individuals who are or looking to become internal change agents, external consultants, leaders and project managers who would be responsible in running and implementing the Agile programs.

What you should be able to do once you complete this training.

As a participant, an individual will be able to apply principles relating to employee engagement, quality, time to market, product, lean and agile development flows. Implement all forms of ideas including the scaled agile framework based on real world examples, insights and lecture by agile experts. Be able to run a release plan meeting successfully. Apart from much more that you can do, most importantly, you should you be able to understand the necessary required skills in transforming an enterprise based on popular resources, advised articles,  and available examples.

What you get ?

As an SPC, you will receive Linkedin Membership for the scaled agile academy, certified SPC listing directory, a branding kit, content updates, access to SAFe courseware to train teams, project managers, and executives and the powerpoint briefing for SAFe foundations and its usage.

Do you qualify to take the SPC certification ?

If you are someone who has spent five or more years with software development, project or product management, business analysis or testing and have three or more years experienced working on agile with one or more completed certifications like the CSM, CSPO, CSP, CSC, CST or more, then you do qualify to take the SPC exam.


It’s a three day event scheduled to take place in Bengaluru from December 17, 2015 to December 20, 2015. The venue has not been finalized yet, but stay tuned and you should hear from us about it soon.


Siraj Sirajuddin and Susan Gibson are the two well credentialed instructors who would be training you on this program. They bring 50+ years of experience combined that help them deliver trainings at this level with great ease globally.

Fee and Payment(s)

If you are an individual looking forward to a steep rise in your career by opting for this certification and the program, then you need to run and grab the early bird price of 168,000 INR plus taxes that expires on November 17, post which the price will be 180,000 INR plus taxes.  Because the amount of the ticket may be big for you, meraevents.com allows you to make payments using the EMI facility we have for credit card holders. The EMIs could be opted for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months only whichever you like.

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