5 tips to bicycle your way to success


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Planning to go for your first 50-100 km bicycle riding event?

Cycling in an event and competing with fellow cyclists is not a piece of cake. So, if you have the courage to take the decision to participate, kudos to that. If this is your first cycling event, listed below are a few points that you can be prepared for,  on the ride.


Before embarking on your ride, please carry your own hydration and nutrient supplies. Always keep nutri-bars to energize you en route and two bottles of water as reserve and keep replenishing them whenever you get an opportunity.bicycle

Ride your own bike

Depending on the events, sometimes cycles are provided by the organizers. If you are planning to use one of those cycles for completing the ride, even though you own one, we recommend you to reconsider your opinion. You know your bike. You know how it works. It is an extension of you. Unlike the bikes that you might rent. There are bike carriers available, which can help you cart your bike to the venue.bicycle

Take breaks

No matter what, take breaks at regular intervals, preferably after every 15-20 km. Cycling for long distances without a break builds up lactic acid in the leg muscles. This causes fatigue and post workout muscle soreness. Taking a break at regular intervals helps drain your legs of the lactic acid, which helps you go longer without stressing yourself.bicycle

Set a pace

Every rider is different. The way you ride and the pace you go on is specific to you. Set a pace that is comfortable for you. Do not cross your pace and start pedalling swiftly just because another rider is going briskly. Instead, find a rider who shares the same pace as you and tag along. This will help you go longer and have interesting conversations as well.bicycle

Don’t give up

Completing  a ride is as important as winning it. It is important that you don’t give up whenever you see a long climb or feel tired. Once you have begun, make the effort to complete it, for, it will boost your confidence to participate in the next event or think of pushing your limits a little more.bicycle

These are a few points that can give you a heads up and keep you motivated to go on a sign up for a bicycle ride. Follow this space for more information on cycling.


Vimal Mohan


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