How can we get a solar panel to charge your phone?

photo voltaic,solar panels

Solar mobile charger making workshop, IIT Bombay

Let’s think out of the box and break the conventional system. How would it feel if we could charge our phones just by exposing it to sunlight for 20 minutes? How would it feel if your main source of communication would never die out in a two to three- day concert? So here is the contingency plan, solar power. Let’s make our own chargers that can keep the batteries of our phones alive, always.

 Let’s start the beginning of a revolution where the conventional method of charging is discarded or is treated as an alternative.

Let’s think of creating alternative solutions for doing something simple, like, charging our mobile phones. We have been using the conventional method of plugging in the charger of a mobile device to a  source or placing it on wireless charging pads.

photo voltaic, solar panels

 After all, we no longer take ages to travel from one part of the world to another. We have come up with alternatives for anything that might give up on us. We have come up with hybrid cars, electric cars and solar cars. That is the speed at which the human race is now thinking about contingency plans.

Welcome to the world where most of the population is anxious, excited, and impatient. We are not who we used to be a decade ago. One factor which has led to this is the advancement of technology. This is the universal truth. Nonetheless, there are many positive things that technological advancements have brought into our lives.

IIT Bombay is now hosting a camp that helps us to gain knowledge on how we could build our own photovoltaic (solar) charger or a solar panel charger. At the end of the session the participants will be equipped with knowledge that will help them design a solar power panel for homes using the photovoltaic system.

Just not that, we would be able to add a lot of things to our DIY bucket. Charging your car’s battery, charging your inverter and many other such things will not only save expenses, it will also save a lot of time and resources.

 So, head towards the meet and learn something interesting. This is your chance to make India green, in your own way.

Vimal Mohan

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