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Networking Dinner with designers and cloud developers

Networking dinner with designers and cloud developers by Appedo and Amazon web services:

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. So hone your skills and proficiency in a subject by meeting your peers and discuss everything around the cloud over a scrumptious dinner. If this interests you, please read on, as we have the most amazing and interesting event for designers and cloud developers.

The advent of technology has seeped into every field and now every business, big or small, has a website of its own. And there is a big business behind every website, i.e., there are web designing and e-commerce portal development services that add life to the businesses.

And the networking dinner with designers and cloud developers by Appedo and Amazon web services is an event, which seeks to bring together these techies under one roof. This will not just be an amazing platform to meet industry pioneers, business leaders, and peers, but also a wonderful opportunity to discuss, debate, and resolve performance problems, in the industry.

If the history is anything to go by, there will be many thought leaders and industry experts who will vouch for the fact that many simple ideas and incidents, trivial problems, etc., have led to the birth of the most amazing business ideas.

Networking dinner in Bangalore

So, why miss this opportunity to get your concerns addressed, share your design and development related experiences, including pain points and funny incidents, for mutual benefit?

The dinner and the networking session will be facilitated by P. Nagarajan, CTO, Appedo, and Sandeep Kashyap, Business Development, Bangalore Region, Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Limited.

Still not sure if you need to be part of this networking dinner with designers and cloud developers? Well, here is a gist of all that you could expect at the event that is scheduled to take place at The Infantry Hotel, in Bangalore on September 22, 2015, from 5 pm to 9 pm.

1. Expectations of customers
2. Expectations of investors
3. Developing an ecosystem of designers and cloud developers in Bangalore
4. Facilitating open discussions on web hosting, pain and pleasure points of web development companies, etc.
5. Online or cloud-based performance management awareness among organizations to reduce costs on investment.

RSVP now to be part of this riveting event in Bangalore, the longer you take to sign up, the lesser your chances to be part of it.

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