Daily Archives: September 15, 2015

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Want to be a neuro linguistic programming practitioner?


Here is your chance to become a certified NLP Practitioner. What is NLP? Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is a process or therapy that engages an individual in developing key aspects of communication, personal development and psychotherapy. This has been in practice since the early ‘70s introduced by Richard Bandler and...

Networking Dinner with designers and cloud developers

Rub shoulders with designers, stay on cloud 9


Networking dinner with designers and cloud developers by Appedo and Amazon web services: Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. So hone your skills and proficiency in a subject by meeting your peers and discuss everything around the cloud over a scrumptious dinner. If this interests you, please read on, as we...

photo voltaic,solar panels

How can we get a solar panel to charge your phone?


Solar mobile charger making workshop, IIT Bombay Let’s think out of the box and break the conventional system. How would it feel if we could charge our phones just by exposing it to sunlight for 20 minutes? How would it feel if your main source of communication would never die...