5 tips to gift an experience to your loved ones!

Why an experience is a gift that keeps giving on?

What do you remember the most when you look back at the good old days? It isn’t owning that latest MacBook, the PS3 you bought last year or those fancy pair of earphones you’ve always wanted. Human nature is an interesting paradox. The joy that owning something brings us is momentary and fades quickly. Yet that’s what we think of when we think of gifting.

That first kiss you stole at the Aerosmith concert while listening to ‘Love in an elevator’; that time you took her dancing to the Navy Ball; the time you trekked up Nandi Hills to see that amazing sunrise while sipping piping hot coffee.These are the moments that magic spell is cast and this is what we often overlook when we think of gifting. It’s always the experiences that we lived, the trips we took, and that amazing concert you went to on a whim. It’s always these memories that we collect along the way that brings a smile to our faces and that bittersweet tenderness.

It’s become a ritual of sorts to order something on Flipkart or Amazon a week before your special someone’s birthday, or your anniversary or a dear friend’s work anniversary or a farewell day or just you want to gift something for no specific reasons. There is very little thought that goes into such a gift and the satisfaction we derive from such gifts maybe very momentary, at times. An experience, on the other hand, is something that you can relive a million times in your mind and each time something triggers that memory, a little bit of you lights up inside.

There are myriad experiences to choose from, each to suit different and varied tastes — from tickets to the latest Skrillex concert or the EVC festival, tickets to Quli for theater buffs,The Rascalas Live comedy nights for the ones with a funny bone, dancing the night away or hiking under the brilliant blue skies a la Bear Grylls or even a trip to Kilimanjaro. It’s about time we put some thought into gifting and gift them an experience to remember for several years to come.

Gift an experience

Here are five tips on how to impress your loved one

    1. Do your homework: Don’t send a Slayer fan to an Angus and Julia Stone concert or vice versa. Put those brain cells to work and pick up on everyday hints to know what they love the most and what they can’t stand. If all else fails, stalk them on Facebook or their twitter feed. Give them the perfect gift and sit back smugly while they think you are the awesomest ever.
    2. Know their tastes: Are they the mushy romantic kind, the adventure junkie, the lone ranger, the avid networker, the budding businessman, or the music enthusiast?  We all have different tastes and no two people are alike. So, gift them accordingly. Each person has her own idea of an awesome day. Do make sure you keep this in mind when you think of ‘Gifting an experience’
    3. Know their schedule: We don’t mean that you shadow them ‘ninja style’ every minute of every day. It just helps if you know if they have any other plans for the day, before you gift them an experience. Value their time and make sure that it’s convenient for them. If they plan to spend their birthday over a nice family dinner, don’t gift them a vacation to Honolulu.
    4. Give them company: Experiences are best shared; if you are booking them tickets to a concert make sure you are going with them or if you are gifting a couple make sure you gift them a ticket for their plus one as well. This is sure to get you brownie points and is the most thoughtful gift ever.
    5. It doesn’t have to be conventional: We often pigeonhole experiences and often think that mixing business with pleasure is a big no-no. If you know a budding entrepreneur or someone who just loves their business. The perfect gift might just be a networking meet or tickets to a startup workshop or even a training program. Don’t shy away from gifting a helpful professional experience that helps them build their career, they will thank you for it.

 There are a million different experiences you can gift and all it takes is some love, some homework and a bit of thinking outside the box to come up with a thoughtful experience.We care about gifting and have a number of experiences on offer from Concerts, Standup comedy nights, Plays, Food fests, Hiking, Marathons, Startup meets, Inspirational talks, Skill building workshops and a million other events to choose from log in and take your pick.

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