Top 10 Mistakes in Marathons

Top 10 Mistakes in Marathons

Pain points in Marathon events (as identified by participants) and Remedies

If you wish to run your way to success by hosting the most spectacular marathon event. Here are a few pain points that were experienced by marathoners at other events (and the solutions), so that you do not commit the same. Remember! Forewarned is forearmed.

Pain point: Delay in distribution of Bibs.

Remedy: As the number of participants may be huge, it is always advisable to distribute bibs a day or two in advance. If the marathon has many categories, make sure each category has something different marked on the bib, to set them apart from others.

Pain point: Delay in starting the race.

Remedy: Plan ahead, foresee any delay that might creep into the schedule and have a backup. Marathon has participants in huge numbers and an unpleasant change in the weather might make things go haywire. So, be prepared and make sure that the race starts in time.

Pain point: No volunteers to guide the marathoners.

Remedy: Make sure the marathon stretch has volunteers at regular intervals to guide the runners and offer help if need arises. Piloting volunteers on rescue vehicles could also be a smart option as they will be able to offer assistance to a runner who has difficulty in completing the race distance.

Mistakes to avoid at marathon

Pain point: Running distance longer than the stipulated distance.
Remedy: Running a marathon puts the runner through a lot of strain in the attempt to complete the distance. So, make sure the distance is marked accurately and do not forget to place direction sign across the stretch.

Pain point: No ORS (oral rehydration salts) for perspiring participants.
Remedy: The success of a marathon depends on the number of runners who hit the finish line. So, make sure you keep their spirits high by providing the participants with electrolyte solutions or energy drinks during/after the race.

Pain point: No dustbins stationed along the route to throw away the bottles.
Remedy: Get volunteers to distribute water bottles across the marathon stretch, or have water stations in place, so that the participants feel hydrated on the long runs.

Pain point: Lack of hygienic toilets along the marathon stretch.
Remedy: Make sure your participants have access to hygienic toilets. Placing mobile toilet vans at regular intervals is one of the best possible things to do.

Marathon mistakes

Pain point: Medical amenities not in place.
Remedy: Have a team of doctors/medical professionals and an ambulance in tow at the event venue to avoid any unforeseen emergencies.

Pain point: Delay in prize distribution ceremony.

Remedy: Have a checklist in place and try to stick to it. Make sure everything from the medals to certificates are ready and the prize distribution happens on time, as there might be many participants from other cities, who cannot afford to prolong their stay to collect the memorabilia.

Pain point: Confusion over certificates
Remedy: Sort participation certificates, medals, etc., according to categories before the commencement of this event. This will help you avoid confusion over certificates on the event day.

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