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Higher studies in the US is now the in-thing for students

The world is now filled with educational institutions that are providing opportunities for pursuing higher studies. Education is now the tool that every individual in this world is looking to acquire. This enables people around the world to participate in the competition.  Educational qualifications are the key to  first level of filtration.

Most students in India plan to pursue their higher studies in the US.higher studies

Linden Educational services will be visiting Mumbai on September 12, 2015 and will be sharing their opinions and thoughts on various colleges. This session is for all who have queries related to overseas higher studies.  For the list of colleges, please visit

For all those residing in Bangalore, a team from Linden Educational services (LES) would be visiting on September 13 and the list of colleges can be viewed at

The LES team would be in Hyderabad and Chennai on 16 and 19 respectively, and the links have been mentioned accordingly:


The main reason for pursuing studies in the US is that they gain better education, better exposure to the ways of the world and most importantly  they get a job in the U.S which gives them an opportunity to earn more and have a comfortable life.


Most students from India pursue their Master of Science and Masters in Business Administration through various universities in the US. They go through various rigorous tests to get into the best universities. A better university would mean that they would have a better chance of getting quality internships with multinational companies.

These factors help them get a job with a fat pay checks in the US, once they finish their higher studies. Ultimately, every one of us wants to earn well and have a very promising future filled with richness and luxury.


Who is Linden Services?


Linden Educational Services is one of the top agencies in the world that promotes students around the world to pursue their International studies. This agency, founded in 1982, is headed by Linda Heaney. They have had more than 230 tours around the world and have consistently met people to educate them about overseas education and have answered all their queries. Their staff consists of one of the most experienced and qualified professionals.  So far, they have been representing more than 600 universities and have catered their services to up to 500,000 students around the world.


This is an opportunity that should be made use of. Come talk to the representatives from LES and know more about the overseas options.


Vimal Mohan


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