MeraEvents truly offers end-to-end solutions: Suresh Kochattil


Suresh Kocchatil, General Manager, Apollo Edoc, Hyderabad, posted this on Facebook. His experience with MeraEvents appeared to be very interesting. So, we have chosen to publish the same as a blog by obtaining his express consent to use it in our blogs. – Editor

He is one person who never ceases to amaze me. Knowing Chennapanaidu Darapaneni or Naidu garu as I call him, ever since he was an employee working for someone else to being his own boss, was a story I can relate with. Despite knowing him for over a decade, i first went to him with a business proposition only six years ago when my company was planning to host the 1st International Conference on Transforming Healthcare with IT in 2010 in New Delhi.

I wanted his venture ‘Mera Events’ to handle the ticketing for the event and told him blandly that I had no money to pay for his commission for every delegate who registered. Pat came the reply “Don’t worry, I will not charge a single rupee”. Later, I added MeraEvents as the partner for flagship events of Great Hyderabad Adventure Club and we kept the relationship going.

Chennapanaidu Darapaneni Founder and CEO of MeraEvents

This morning, I walked into his office to talk about the final push for delegate registration of THIT 2015, and as usual he had something new to talk about. “I will handle all your registration counters on October 16th in Bengaluru with my product, Easy Tag.” Knowing how chaotic registration counters can be in the first hour of a conference, that was music to my ears.

I sometimes wonder what makes him tick despite all the odds that were stacked against his organization. Sure enough, he had good news as we shook hands when I was leaving his office. Pointing to the jazzy key on his work table, he announced modestly “I bought myself an Audi”. Now, that is like saying “I have well and truly arrived.” In a world of startups, many of whom fell by the wayside, Naidu garu kept his entrepreneurial boat steady in the rocky seas. That’s what makes him special.

You can read the original post by Mr. Suresh Kocchatil, here.


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