Skrillex’s “Bangarang” gets an organic acoustic cover goes viral on Youtube

Skrillex in Bangalore

The Hammerbirds have an interesting take on “Bangarang” and we are listening

Skrillex is a tough act to follow, and that’s precisely why this new “Bangarang acoustic cover” by the “Hammerbirds” is going viral on Youtube. Imagine Skrillex and the first thing that comes to mind is Synth Sound. It is aggressive dubstep meeting grunge metal meeting drum and bass. It’s a complex cluster of sounds impossible to recreate without Ableton live, synth sound and a host of effects and samples. Or so we thought, until we heard this acoustic cover of Skrillex’s 2012 hit single “Bangarang” by the Hammerbirds that took us off-guard.

Here is the cover courtesy the Hammerbirds.

The cover is surprisingly minimalist using an unlikely set of tools including chopsticks, slap bass, cello and piano to give the original a run for its money with a clean crisp and organic take on the electronic single with an earthy, orchestra, and percussionist sound that could ironically appeal even to his haters.

Image courtesy Skrillex's official Facebook page

Image courtesy Skrillex official Facebook page

The cover is the handiwork of Chino-French duo Hammerbirds and their interesting take on the defining “Electronic anthem” shows that with a bit of tweaking and a different set of tools, the entire feel and sound of a single can be altered, while keeping its soul. Xiaoxi Wu an international concert pianist, classical musician and lauded musician in Russia, Austria, France, Spain and China and  Emilien Levistre, a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, music producer and film score composer with tastes from both ends of the musical spectrum come together to make a cover that has defined this interesting  collaboration. This duo is one to look out for and we are keeping our ears open for more from their channel.

Here is the original courtesy Skrillex’s official Youtube channel.


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