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Onam celebrations

8 reasons why every Malayali loves Onam!


Even a Malayali on the moon can’t help but think of coming back home during Onam. Onam is one of the biggest festivals in Kerala and is a time when every “Marunadan Malayali” feels a longing for home. We are a nostalgic lot, the tales we grew up with, the...

The art of cinematic storytelling- a scriptwriting workshop by national award-winning filmmaker Satyanshu Singh

Learn to become a great cinematic-storyteller


The art of cinematic storytelling-a script-writing workshop by national award-winning filmmaker Satyanshu Singh Storytelling for a cinema not only includes a great script, but also has a gripping screenplay, which has a spellbinding effect. A terrific visual storytelling with a power-packed script makes a great spectacle for the viewers. Dialogues, without any visual...