Fungus Funk and Karma Digital 4th Anniversary Exclusive ‘After Party’-Freedom Blast at Pune

Fungus FUnk and Hoppit Live

“Fungus Funk” and “Hoppit” psytrance pioneers to play live in Pune

Karma digital is bringing the wildest psytrance acts to Pune this weekend August 23, Fungus Funk and Moe Dahbour will be playing live to appease the enthusiasts of the underground genre in Pune. The psytrance phenomenon that has spawned from the Goa trance movement includes elements of acid house, electro, industrial gothic, electronic dance music and electronic/rock hybrids. The act promises to bring the raving beats and manic bass lines of psychedelic music to the city. The party will be held at the F Beach House in Koregaon Park, Pune.

Fungus Funk aka Sergei Prilepa is a psychedelic trance musician who has developed a cult following in the psytrance circuit. He hails from Moscow, and over the past 15 years, He has brought out his compilation tracks on premier trance labels like Acidance, Deja Vu, Goanmantra, Insomnia, Noise Conspiracy, Crystal Matrix and others. He has also released previews of his live sets on Soundcloud and Beatport which helped him develop his following internationally with his music being played all over the world.He has had four full length albums which released to critical acclaim and were widely well received: ‘F-People’(2006) on the  Acidance label, ‘Vostok 1′ (2008)where he worked  together with Samadhi on Blitz Studios, ‘Electric Grooves’ (2010) also on Blitz Studios, and ‘Kremlin Gremlin’ (2012) on his own label Unlimited Music. Additionally, Sergey also released two acclaimed EPs: ‘Tune In’ on Planet B.E.N. as Fungus Funk, and ‘Star Eater’ on Sun Station as Astroff, both in 2011.

Fungus Funk has collaborated with the pioneers of Russian trance scene Kindzadza and Psykovsky, and stayed true to the heavily aggressive trance of the region and has explored his Russian roots in his early albums ‘Vostok 1′ and ‘Kremlin Gremlin’.  The musician has off late also been producing more mellow morning tracks designed at bringing down the feverish pitch into a more nuanced and soft morning sound  with artists such as Ananda Shake, these artistic influences can be heard in ‘Electric Grooves’ and ‘F-People’. He has developed a signature set which combines the aggressive psytrance genre with deep house elements and also drum and bass ensembles into a set that slowly progresses to a delirium followed by a transition to his softer recent mixes.

His growing popularity in the circles of psytrance have seen him travel the globe playing his live sets at top international music festivals including Boom Festival (Portugal), Sonica (Italy), Antaris (Germany), Transcendence (Brazil), and Hadra (France) among others.

Hoppit by Moe Dahbour is a psytrance initiative that aims at bringing his sounds of psychedelic/rock beats and Drum and Bass fusion to India. He hails from the country of Jordan and he started experimenting with music from a very early age. He was initiated into the world of music through drum n bass and Heavy metal. He soon progressed to the Psychedelic scene which interested him with its intensity and DnB elements which it shared with rock. He soon began working with and mixing different genres of Electronic music, House, Trance and Dubstep developing his own signature sound veering towards psytrance and psychedelic rock. His major musical influences are Parasense and Psymmetrix, Whiptongue, Kraftwerk and many more. He was a member of the Psychedelica Trip Family which played a role in reviving the underground trance following in Jordan and also played at international festivals in countries like Lebanon, Turkey and India.

The artistes will be teaming up and will be playing their live sets at F Beach House on August 23 and are a lineup that no Trance or Electronic enthusiast can afford to miss.

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