5 Pre-Dussehra rules to stay pious

5 Pre-Dussehra rules to stay pious

Celebrate Navratri with elan

Spring brings the zing thing of festivities of the year. Like Spring, festivals too come as a season and continue till Autumn.

‘He has his lusty spring, when fancy clear
Takes in all beauty with an easy span:
He has his Summer, when luxuriously
Spring’s honied cud of youthful thought he loves
To ruminate, and by such dreaming high
Is nearest unto heaven: quiet coves’

These refreshing metaphorical reference by John Keats tells us all how eclectic is the Spring and so electric the season of festivities.

Keywords Dandiya, Navratri, Durga Puja in its multiple forms of spellings — Dussehra, Dashain, and Dasara — and the related phrases come up in searches. Reason? It’s season.

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The main festival of the season is Navratri/Dussehra/Durga Puja. In Sanskrit, “Navratri” means “nine nights”. The meaning is composed of the meaning of its constituent words: “Nava” means “nine” and “Ratri” means “night”. Along with fasting, which is considered to be a significant part of the Navratri celebration, a lot many other restrictions also come into the picture. The younger generation may resist these restrictions put in place.

While all devotees and others are busy making arrangements for the Navratri festival and worshipping Goddess Durga, all the youngsters out there need to figure out something different for the upcoming 9 days.

So, before the Navratri festival begins, don’t forget to do these things well in advance.

1. No non-vegetarian food

The Navratri festival is considered to be one of the most pious festivals. And during this time, for entire nine days, there is a strict “No No” to non-vegetarian food.

So, folks, enjoy the lip smacking delicacies at your nearby KFC, Mc Donalds, Kebabs, and other non-vegetarian outlets right away, as you’ll be on a pure veg diet for the first nine days of Navratri.

You may also hear some funny conversations among people like, “yaar abb 9 din chutti hai”, “bhai kaise rahenge bina non-veg ke,” etc.


2. No alcoholic beverages

During Navratri, people believe that one should not go the “Char bottle vodka, kaam mera roz ka” way. It’s an absolute no for all types of alcoholic beverages.

So, enjoy the same in moderation only to give a long break for the Navratri, when the festival gets underway.

3. No dating

It is a pious period. Stay away from being provoked by your basic instincts. You know, what we are talking about ;). It’s an absolute no for the believers during the Navratri festival. So enjoy the romantic moments of life for now and platonic love on those nine days, when you devote your time for the prayers to goddess Durga.

4. No cussing/insulting words

For the next nine days, you’ll have to keep those insulting/abusing words rooted deeply within our slang, until the festival gets over. Stop yelling out any swear words, instead immerse yourself in Maa Durga’s devotion.

5. No hair cut

Get your haircut or any facial makeover before the Navratri as you will glow as a cynosure of all eyes during the festivities. It isn’t a concern at all for boys, but girls who are often protective about their face and hair, get it done beforehand.

Navratri  rules

Nobody might have laid down these rules and created a straitjacket. While abstinence is limited to alcohol, non-vegetarian food and sex, the other things can be followed all time, irrespective of the season.

This is the code of conduct to be observed during Navratri. Let these nine holy days of Navratri shower prosperity, growth upon your family.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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