Independence Day celebrations at work | 10 ideas to bring your team together

Independence Day celebrations in India

Build a fun company culture this Independence day

Celebrations and festivals are always a breath of fresh air from the monotony of office. It’s a day where the pressure is off and we can really focus on what makes great companies click, “their people”.

Keeping team morale on a high and building a fun company culture should be the top priority for every organisation irrespective of the scale of operations, especially so, in the case of startups where the entire team often has to find a way to engage with each other on a daily basis irrespective of work-related differences.

Here are some ways that you can build stronger relationships with your employees and build rapport with them and keep their morale revved up. The more a team starts working together and complementing one another’s strengths even in the simplest of tasks, the easier everyday operations become.

Here’s how you can have some fun at office this Independence Day and make it a great icebreaker to help new employees get to know the company culture and learn effective strategies, building stronger teams, negotiation, people and interpersonal skills and also increase productivity.

Independence Day celebrations 2015

Here are 10 ideas to bring your team together this independence day.

Encourage brainstorming: Make it democratic by leaving titles behind and getting rid of unhealthy power dynamics. Try and encourage everyone to speak their mind on how they want to spend their “Independence” day. Think “college fest” not “corporate meeting”.

Make it feel like home: Try and make the office as comfy as possible for the employees. Decorate the office as a team, try some ambient lighting, rearrange the furniture, anything and everything to get the team to think of office as home and feel a sense of ownership.

Bring a plus one: Encourage your employees to bring their loved ones along. Time is a luxury and this would help employees spend a precious day with their loved ones and family while also socializing freely with their officemates building personal relationships that last.

Get silly, Get stupid: Don’t be afraid to get silly. Try and get everyone to show their fun side, organize a stand up show, an open mic, or a karaoke and watch everyone let their hair down and have fun. A little goofiness never hurts anyone.

Organize a football tournament: Try a game of Football, Darts, or Lego this take minimal investment and can be organized in even a small office and makes sure the team has a good time.

Goodies, Goodies and more Goodies: Be everyone’s favourite boss and get your team an Xbox, or a dartboard or at least some bean bags and a fancy coffee machine.

Wacky nicknames: Iceman, Top gun, Goose give everyone a cool nickname. This builds a company culture that the team can identify with and love.

Get physical: Play a sport Football, Cricket, Softball take everyone out for a day of fun. Physical activity will help the team bond and shed their inhibitions

Go Viral: Encourage the team to Tweet, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook the entire day online and let people know and love the company. This is a way of attracting new talent and tap into social networks. Startups thrive on such viral marketing to attract stellar talent to the company.

Encourage a DIY mindset: The entire team should pitch in to decorate office and plan the event, be it a collage, posters, streamers, or lighting make sure the team gets to work hands-on with each other.

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