13 Appealing personalities you will come across at professional events

13 Appealing personalities you will come across at professional events

People you bump into at professional events

If you’re a regular and frequent attendee at any professional event, chances are that you run into people more often than not who you might have noticed. Some people like to be friends with these kind of party poppers and others try to avoid them at any cost.

So folks, next time you are attending any professional event, read further to know more about the different types of personalities you’ll likely encounter.

Here are the different kinds of people you can expect to meet while attending any professional event.

1. The true entrepreneur/innovator

You’ll find them sporting cool and trendy T-shirts, branding their enterprises. They are ever ready, with n-number of things to do. They are always eager to create business prospects starting from demos to investment schemes, etc. These are the people who visit professional events to spark creativity and inspire other people.

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2. The lone networker

Their main aim lies in meeting new and smart people and make long-lasting connections with several other professionals from various companies. These people build many prior connections on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and might have created a good rapport with the attendees already. You’ll find this person chatting with multiple groups during the breaks, and exchanging his/her business cards to them.

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3. The absorber

These people absorb all possible information available in the event – good and bad. These guys will always be found with their laptops or any or tabs taking notes; they always seem to behave like tireless workers. They are always confused whether to attend this session or that session. They have an avaricious urge to collect as much info, but never sure of where to use it.

4. The job seeker

These are the set of people who are perennial jobseekers. They attend only those events where there is some opportunity to get hired. If they are on their learning curve, they may simply listen to and learn about several companies, jobs, and the type of people they’d like to be associated with. And, if they passed that stage, they may have already sent the friend requests via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, and have come to the event just to give an elevator pitch in person, along with a portfolio or resume of theirs.

5. The super devotee/fan

These people may come across as attention mongers and will never miss the chance to meet the chief speakers. They swarm the social media much before you reach the event. The superfans never forget to tweet and include the keynote speaker’s Twitter handle, hoping for a reply. And if by any chance, there is a book signing at the event, the fan will be the first one to be seen in the line with every single book in hand the author has ever published.

6. The dealer

These are the people who want to establish a connection/partnership with people from the same industry. They aim to create business partnerships, be it sponsorships, creating job opportunities, or co-marketing. Their eagerness to take tips from the great networkers, creating lasting relationships at first and then doing business later, can have a lasting effect even after the event.

7. The know-all

These are the set of people who know everyone and who is known to everyone at the event and you can easily spot them. Their presence is ubiquitous. They easily get connected with others and are ready to help anyone at any moment. They are confident enough in their professional field with all minute details on their fingertips. They come to the events, not for any business, but just to connect with people. They are quite good listeners and believe in no nonsense talk, they ask relevant questions when there is a discussion.

8. The blogger

Their main aim is to write high-quality content. These are the kind of people who attend events specifically for blogging. You’ll find such people keenly listening to the keynote speakers and breakout sessions, taking down notes, writing down notes. They try to discuss with knowledgeable people for creating annotations on their blogs. Some of them may video-shoot a few veterans in the subjects concerned and for a later use of their upload as part of vlogging.

9. The preceptor

They are the people who are always ready to pass-on and spread the knowledge to their fellow mates/teammates. They are the ones who will come back with excellent takeaways/notes after attending an event. The preceptor acts like a relay of communication to their teammates whatever they learned at the event. If required, they may also create a PowerPoint presentation or write up or a wiki page to show their team after they return.

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10. The salesperson

They are the people whose main goal lies in making a sale or closing a deal. The main difference between a sales guy and a deal maker is that salespeople are only interested in selling the core products and services of their company. For them, every person comes across as a potential customer, no matter what their classification is.

11. The successful leader

Their main goal is to stay successful, come what may. They are the keynote speakers at any professional event. They have long experience in the industry and they are well-equipped to tackle different challenges. They have a massive following in social media as they are the influencers with enormous expertise.

12. The intelligencer

These kind of people solely attends an event to gather information and check out the ongoing competition. They may ask questions, to acquaint themselves about their strengths and weaknesses. The information gathered is then analyzed, compiled and then turned into a plan of action. This can act decisively when cracking deals.

13. The celebrator

Their main aim is to have fun. They are the people who enjoy at every event they attend, fooling around, the merry-making taking advantage of the free drinks available at the event.

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So keep yourself updated with the kind of people you will come across when you are invited to a professional event.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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