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SNJ Chennai marathon at YMCA Physical Education Ground on August 16, 2015

SNJ Chennai marathon at YMCA Physical Education Ground on August 16, 2015

SNJ Chennai marathon, a premier running event and one of the most fun marathons, is presenting to you a once in a lifetime experience on August 16, 2015 from 5.30 a.m. to 8 a.m., which will start from the YMCA Physical Education Ground and will conclude as one touches the finishing line on the other end of the ground. It is a great opportunity to participate in such a prestigious event and test your ability, stamina to complete a half marathon distance.

“Motivation remains key to the marathon: the motivation to begin; the motivation to continue; the motivation never to quit.” – Hal Higdon


With an iconic course set amongst the picturesque Adyar Bridge and the historic landmarks including Raj Bhavan and Anna University with Chennai’s scenic skyline as its backdrop, the SNJ Chennai marathon traverses the streets around Saidai Chinnamalai, Adyar, Besant Nagar Beach, Greenways, Boat Club, Mount Road in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Watch the sunrise as you run through the bridge enjoying the scenery of the beautiful Chennai coastline. There are three different categories in which one can participate. One is Half marathon covering a run over distance of 21.2 km run, the 2nd one being the Bridge run of 10 km run, and a Family run of 3 km in which all the family members can show the world how fit they are. These events are designed to take a stock of your stamina, power, resolve and mental strength. Participants will have to collect their running kit in Nandhanam YMCA indoor shuttle badminton court on Independence Day eve, August 14 and 15, 2015.


All entrants will receive a T Shirt, Athletic Legend certificates, Indian Athletic Champion medals and other goodies from the sponsors – all of which will be available on the race day at the SNJ Chennai marathon. The winners of the marathon from different categories will be rewarded with lucrative prizes. They are as follows: –

Half Marathon :

Male:                                                   Female:
1st – 21,200 INR                              1st – 10,000 INR
2nd – 5000 INR                                2nd – 5000 INR
3rd – 3000 INR                                 3rd – 3000 INR

Bridge Run :

Male:                                                  Female:
Ist – 10,000 INR                              1st – 5000 INR
2nd – 5000 INR                               2nd – 3000 INR
3rd – 3000 INR                                3rd – 2000 INR

Family Fun Run :

Male:                                                  Female:
1st – 5000 INR                                1st – 3000 INR
2nd – 3000 INR                               2nd – 2000 INR
3rd – 2000 INR                                3rd – 1000 INR

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SNJ Chennai Marathon also provides high-tech services for all the participants such as Swingers Zumba warm up at the beginning of the event, volunteer services for guidance, physiotherapy, secure first aid facility, a group of highly trained doctors and nurses with ambulance support, hygienic toilets, ice cubes, magic sprays like Volini, Sumo for sprains, etc. This apart, the running event also offers a perfect retreat with a sumptuous breakfast with ample fresh fruits, dry fruits to whet your appetite. There will be refreshment parlours stationed in selected places through the course, providing much needed hygienic water bottles,glucose, lemon juice to quench your thirst.

So, get ready to have a great race experience at the SNJ Chennai Marathon on August 16, 2015. If you have not done the registrations yet, there is a golden opportunity to register at a low price of just 500 INR.

Preeti Sahu

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