MeraEvents matching the dubstep

MeraEvents matching the dubstep

It is indeed a big day at MeraEvents. We have many such big days and hope to have it as an everyday feature too, even if it sounds a bit quixotic. Daily drudgery isn’t new to any one at this start-up, which is maturing by the day like a vintage wine.

Well, I have a context in penning these musings. It’s not exactly muse. If I may say so, it is more of an amusement in utter amazement.

As a newsman, I always raced against deadlines for more than two decades. Trends have changed and presentation of information and news have metamorphosed from the mundane tomorrow’s editions to news as it happens. Overseeing the tele-printer takes transcribed, typed on VDU (video display units) and going onto bromides to pages, I always took pride in being a newspaperman.

On the day of results of class X, I used to pick up the monotonously ringing marvellous invention of Alexander Graham Bell on the City News Desk with a sense of pride and respond to the calls with a “Hello” going out of my voice inadvertently with a condescending superiority complex. The caller must be asking me to check for a specific registration number. “Yes passed…congrats” or “Sorry. Try in September” used to be my reply.

On the days of cricket match, the radio reporters used to demo the same supremacy. Then came the Star TV and Cable networks and slowly information revolution had crept in. Then the live telecast of events, incidents and programmes overtook the media scene. Grandfathers, sorry but, began finding it comfy at magazines to cool their hooves.

As the calendars moved on and 1900s were relegated to a backseat and the years are hurtling past the events in 2000s, nimble fingers of kids, adolescents, youth, middle-aged and even the old began dancing on the computers, websites, mobile phones, SMSes, and Apps.

The sprint did not screech to a halt. It doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

This long introduction to the turn of events that electrified the atmosphere along the cubes in MeraEvents indeed has a significance.

The first time a major event was uploaded and ticket widgets were activated to let the audience patronise the mega event on MeraEvents platform was Blasterjaxx in 2014. We were awestruck to find the early birdies scooping up the tickets in Mumbai and Delhi. Bangalore slowly followed. A colleague began cursing Hyderabad for being slow. I argued it is steady. And, at the end, Hyderabad paled the others.

Entertainment events have come to stay in India.

Except for a public meeting of a charismatic politician or a religious procession or the funeral of a larger than life personality, no other occasion draws such milling crowds in India.

But an electronic dance music festival is surely different.

What always surprised me was the surmise of the youths that throng these festivals. They swing and sway to the artistes’ gestures and jump up high to and stamp the ground. The orgies with the trappings from a dash of peccadilloes of the romantic to those typical hook-ups have changed the music scene in India. These are the only mammoth gatherings swarmed by the people by paying for entry, hardly caring for any comfort.

Well the backroom boys who make this magic work are never even thought about.

Though some action was indeed intertwined with the sale of tickets for Ed Sheeran or W&W or Emerge Festival or Chuckle Festival, the arrival of Skrillex India Tour was indeed a big thing.

After days of prep, technically and otherwise, everyone at work was seen bubbling with enthusiasm and brimming with confidence.

As the famous Hindi saying goes, ‘Sabar ka phal meetha hotha hai’, the man in the C-suite, Chennapa Naidu Darapaneni, was the first to arrive at the office to enthuse the team. He isn’t certainly a cheerleader. He is hands on with the work. Then his most trusted lieutenant Sreekanth Rao Ponnala, the anchor for the entire program, did that typical “dubstep” to make everyone rave.

Digging a moat around the whole activity to let any snakes in the grass fall in the pit, the fort built is so much impeccable and immaculate that setting a deadline and racing to beat the same too are as arduous, yet delightful, as bringing out a newspaper or covering a tsunami or an earthquake.

The denouement of the excruciating journey would culminate in the efficient conduct of the event in October. And, our two cents are selling tickets, off line too.

A Saye Sekhar

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