5 Reasons why you need an event website and how to get one

Website for events

How many times have you tried registering for an event and had a tough time, spotting the event section on the website and complete the registration process? If you answered to that as many-a-time, then don’t let your event attendees go through that pain, and make it easy for them to register for your event by creating a unique event website.

Why have an event website?


Face of your event:

Your event website will be the face of your event and give your prospective attendees a look and feel of what to expect at the event. This is not just convenient, but also easy on the eye as they know that the page they are looking for is the public face of your event.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Event registrations are bound to increase when the word spreads beyond your limited circle, and people are more likely to register when they find it on a organic search result, rather than a paid advertisement. So, how do you do this? Well, the answer is simple, optimise your event website for search engines with the right keywords and let your event be found on the web.

Sell tickets from your website:

Integrate a ticket widget and let your website visitors book ticket for the event without navigating them to a third-party page. This will ensure that there is an increased rate of conversion as the visitors will not have to struggle navigating across too many web pages.

Responsive Design:

website for events

Well, everyone uses a smartphone or a tablet these days as compared to the number of hours spent using a laptop or desktop. So, make your event website design a responsive one. While most prefer to go for a mobile optimised website over a responsive one, there are some differences which make a responsive site design more suitable for an event website. For instance, the device automatically does the work of adjusting the website resolution according to the screen size.

Easy to access:

A dedicated event website is always easy to find, access, and use for event attendees. This makes it easy to establish a long-lasting impression on your prospective event attendees, stakeholders of the event, sponsors and media. What’s more? You can always revive and re-work on the same website content the next time you plan to host the same event.



How to get an event website?

event website

Let’s do it for you!

Yes, you read that right. Contact MeraEvents.com and we will help you build the perfect website for your event. We create your website for your event. You are rid of this extra burden. This naturally enriches the event experience of your patrons.

Have everything about your event in one place:

EventWebsites.in lets you present the event from the start to finish by helping you list, promote and sell tickets at one place. So, stop running around different portals to do the job of listing, promoting and ticketing for your event and have it all done seamlessly from your own event website.

Reasons to choose Eventwebsites.in:

 Event Websites  for Conference ,Sports,Entertainment  events

Fully Responsive: Our websites are fully responsive and compatible with every device, so you no longer have to worry about the device your event attendee might use to view the event website.

Choose from the best themes:

Your search for a perfect event website ends here as we offer the best in class themes to choose from and help you design the perfect website for your event. Pick from a variety of templates, which we have to offer (all are responsive) and let your event website appear beautiful across every device.

Dedicated support:

Any time you wish to make an iteration or need some help with the website, we are here for you. Yes, our dedicated support team will be available to resolve your queries and help you fix the site to your updated requirements.

What’s more? The event websites we have to offer are lightweight and fast loading, which is why we are trusted by thousands of event organizers. So, think no further and contact us now to get an event website designed by professionals in less than a day.

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