7 Sure-success actions to revive your broken friendship

7 Sure-success actions to revive your broken friendship

Rekindle your lost friendship this Friendship Day

Friends are like lifelines. And, no one can ever imagine their lives without their closest buddies. The idea of losing a close friend is very scary, but to discuss and think about it is even more painful.

Since childhood, we make lots of friends and at the same time we even lose some in the course of time. The process of making and losing friendships is all the more a natural phenomena, but it’s very difficult to accept the fact that, the person who was once so close to you has suddenly gone away to leave you alone. The phone calls, text messages instantly stop, no more jokes to share, the only thing that remains are the sweet memories. And when we remember about all these, it just gives us a painful reminder of what we have lost indeed.

Friendship break-up is the most painful and saddening part than any other break-up in this world.

broken friendship

And, we all at some point of time parted ways with our close pals for some reason or the other. Now, is the time to patch up with your long lost friends and revive your broken friendship.

Thinking how? With little patience, apology and clear communication you can get your friendship back on track. Here are some amazing tips that you can try out.

1. List out the reasons for your break-up. Be specific like, “Romy ran away with my boyfriend”. Always consider faults from both sides in the list. Avoid blame games.

2. Take the first step. You cannot regain the lost friendship in one go. Mending a broken friendship needs patience and time. Start the discussion by meeting over a cup of coffee. If the conversation goes on well, take the next step. Meet again for lunch or dinner.

Rekindle your lost friendship

3. This is the most difficult part in any relationship. Be specific and apologize for what you have done. Even if your friend knows the reason for the rift in your friendship, giving away a strong and heartfelt apology without any expectation, shows your concern and responsibility. This is one of the most powerful tool in rebuilding a broken friendship.

4. Say sorry and show your regret through actions. Only sorry will not mend a broken friendship. Express your thoughts and show your concern to your friend, how bad you were feeling for your actions. Make your friend understand and give them assurance that you’ll not repeat the same action again. Send some letters expressing regret for your actions.

5. Spend lots of quality time together. Go out for a long weekend trip, shopping in a mall, or outing where you can have time for each other. Try choosing activities that has plenty of talking time. Avoid activities which don’t allow this, like going to a discotheque, rock concert or movie.

6. Cherish and reminisce good old memories. Talk about the fun filled moments and good times you both spent together. You can also look back through old pictures of the two of you and remember the good old times.

how to heal a broken friendship

7. Give time to mend the relationship. It will not happen overnight. Have patience and accept the fact that the differences between you and your friend will not be solved right away. We understand that if your friend was at fault, it’s difficult to forgive and forget the things immediately, it might take some time. So, wait for you friend to accept their fault and come to you again. If not, think about whether you can really continue with this friendship or not.

Now, is the time to rekindle your broken friendship. Wait no further and start calling your friends now. Smile and rejoice the bond of friendship this Friendship Day.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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