How to use affiliate marketing for events?

Activate affiliate marketing for events and sell more tickets:

Your event is fast approaching and your marketing costs are soaring high, with not much in terms of conversion happening. Well, what’s the best thing to do in such a situation to ensure you sell more tickets?

The answer is to have affiliates sell tickets for your event and increase the conversions. An affiliate is a person who markets your event and sells tickets on your behalf for a commission. An affiliate is paid a pre-agreed commission for each sale or conversion that is made by the affiliate’s effort.

Affiliate marketing

To track the efforts of the affiliates, a unique shareable URL with a traceable code is generated. Every time someone clicks on this unique URL and books a ticket, the  affiliate’s account gets updated with the information.

You know you could be getting more customers, and better word-of-mouth publicity for your event, but not sure how to do it.

Here is a guide that will help you sell more tickets for your events by tapping the power of affiliates.

Affiliate marketing helps you widen your orbit of event marketing beyond the reach of your resources, and increases sale. While there are many advantages of affiliate marketing, we choose to highlight the process and advantages in three simple points:

  • Spread the word
  • Increase sales
  • Track affiliates

Still not convinced? Here is why you need to use affiliate marketing for events

Ø  Create a buzz about your event among your target audience

Ø  Cut down on the marketing costs and let the affiliates do it for you

Ø  Increase traffic to your event website

Ø  Track conversions by affiliates

Ø Organizers pays only for the services of MeraEvents and not for the tickets sold through the efforts of the affiliates

Convinced? Great! Please read further, for a walk-through on activating Affiliate Marketing for your event and how to monitor the sales from affiliates

Login to your event:

Affilate marketing for events

Click on Manage Event:

Ways to promote an event online

Click on the Promote Event button:

Affiliate marketing guide

Select Affiliate Marketing:

Using affiliate marketing for events

Click on add a Promoter to add an affiliate:

how to do affiliate marketing

Enter affiliate details, add a unique code and activate affiliate account:

online marketing strategies for events

An email with the unique URL and Iframe code is sent to the affiliate:

affiliate marketing services for events

Congrats! You have successfully empowered an affiliate to sell tickets for your event. Read on to know how many tickets your affiliate has sold.

Click on Affiliate marketing reports to see the number of sales each affiliate has made:

Using affiliate marketing to sell more tickets

What are you waiting for? Hurry! Activate affiliate marketing now and widen your orbit, to sell more tickets for your event.

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