7 amazing ways to have more friends

7 amazing ways to have more friends

A happy beginning on this Friendship Day

All human beings meet new people from different walks of life every day. There are different ways by which you can increase your social circle and have more friends who will complement you in many ways. By meeting new people frequently or by maintaining the previous friendships, you are definitely gonna increase the amount of friends in your life. With a growing number of friends, you need to strike a fine balance between the quantity and quality of friendship.


Here are some amazing ways by which you can increase your friends circle:

1. Get along and find new people

The best way to attract friends is simply by caring about the people and folks around you. Whenever you meet new people, first of all, find out more about them by asking thoughtful questions.

2. Always be a happy-go-lucky and cheerful person

Who doesn’t want to be around a lively and cheerful person? Everybody at some point in time has had bad days, but the person who leaves moves on in life is likely to make many friends.

And being optimistic and positive doesn’t mean you should be fake and unreal. You have to be really positive, cheerful and likable by the people around you. Because everyone wants to be with a person who is full of life, happy and can uplift their spirits.

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3. Stop gossiping about others and mind your own business

Avoid friends who gossip about others behind their back. This kind of friends creates a lot of obstacles in making new friends. Gossiping about others’ personal lives kill the joy and sacredness of friendship. Instead of bitching around, have conversation about life, ambitions, sports, a lot of wonderful things out there.

4. Be a tourist

When you are visiting a new place, that is the best place where you can find real friends who share the same kind of passion you are following. Visiting places and meeting new people, make your journey a memorable one. So pack your bags and set out on a journey to a beautiful destination to create a strong bond of friendship.

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5. Workplace friends

When you are working 9.00 to 6.00 in your office, your colleagues are your best mates in this duration. Normally great friends are indeed co-workers. You share food, delicacies, gifts, happiness, sorrow, success, failure with them. One thing you and your co-workers share in common is career ambitions.

6. Keep in touch

Most friendships die because of lack of conversation. When friends get too much involved in their personal and professional duties, they tend to forget the sweet friendship they shared with others. So having a call once a week or fortnight will rekindle the dormant friendship; put aside egos, help friends whenever they are in need. When you look back, you will be a satisfied man.

7. Celebrate your friendship

When your friend achieves something, celebrate the success with them. If they are in dire need, you lend a shoulder to lean on. You wish them on special occasions, celebrate friendship, share a friendly banter on Valentine’s Day about their ex-affairs, make the moment light with some jokes. This way you will always remain BFF (best friends forever).

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Enjoy the moment and cherish the bond of friendship this Friendship Day with your besties.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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