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Josh Greenberg, Co-founder, Grooveshark dies at 28

Josh Greenberg: a true music techie passes away

Josh Greenberg, Co-founder, Grooveshark, dies at 28 A great setback to the music industry. Josh Greenberg, the co-founder, entrepreneur and CTO of the web-based music streaming site, Grooveshark, was found dead in his Gainesville, Florida home on July 19, 2015 under mysterious circumstances. He was only 28 years old. Image...

Josh Talks Mumbai and inspiring stories

India’s most inspiring stories that you should not miss


One day, 12 inspiring stories that will change your life, Josh Talks Mumbai on July 25, 2015 Every individual needs an inspiration — an inspiration to motivate themselves in life. It is that stimulation which pushes forward an individual to overcome the hardship and find the meaning of life. You...