Friendship day celebration with VH1 Bffs, Pune

Vh1 Friendship Day Special Gig

One venue, 10+ artistes and 12 hours of non-stop music on Friendship day celebration with VH1 Bffs, After 8 Events

Although, you don’t need a special day to give attention to your friends that they deserve, Friendship day is being marked to honor the special and wonderful friendships of your life, with whom you share your feelings, cry when you are sad, fight when you are angry, and laugh when you are happy. So, why not celebrate this remarkable day with full of jolly and Masti to collect the most rare and precious moments of friendship.

Friendship Day celebration

What are you planning for the Friendship day celebration? Well, this is yet another reason for you to party with your friends, another occasion to spend some quality time with them and another celebration to create some cherished memories to remember.

Call up your buddies and comrades to have the hurl, as After 8 Events presents the most entertaining and spellbinding VH1 Bffs musical event, a special Friendship day edition to fill your day with joy and glass with the wine of music on the occasion of Friendship Day.

VH1 Musical event in Pune

This special Friendship day edition is taking place on August 2, 2015 at the Pump Room, Pubtown in Pune, which starts from 12 p.m. and will continue for 12 hours with non-stop music, feeding both your mind and soul. The Friendship day bash specially organized, will have more than 10 artistes, who will be performing scintillating music in the Pubtown with pumping beats.

Get ready to celebrate an evening with the spirit of VH1 Bffs, a massive Friendship day celebration at the Pump Room in Pune with your best pals. It’s the event where friends come together. Even, if you don’t have any close friends to celebrate the occasion in Pune, you can make new friends at this musical event. What say? You don’t want to miss this, right? So, hurry and book your tickets now! It’s available at just 300 INR.

music fest

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