An unforgettable iftar party get-together at MeraEvents

Iftar Party

Dates, fruits, juices, samosas, pakoras, dahi vada, kebab, Haleem, sheer khurma…! Mouth-watering! Isn’t it?

Yes, it’s the Ramzan time again. Iftar is the time to call off the daylong fast.. And every year, the fondness of it increases among all, irrespective of their respective faith and religion. Not only Muslims, but people from all other religions are equally excited over the iftar parties during Ramzan to enjoy the evening meal. A tradition that brings togetherness, happiness and high spirits!


With the same enthu and joy, MeraEvents hosted a colourful and scrumptious iftar party on July 15, 2015.

The air on the floor was spiced up with full of excitement and anticipation, when the news of iftar party was announced to employees. It was Ms. Purnima Tadi from HR department, who took the initiative to plan and organize a delicious and memorable Iftar party at MeraEvents. Members from every team have enthusiastically came forth with some dishes of their choice too.

In the heat of the moment, someone started searching for the wheels. Wheels! Yeah! One of our team members, Veera Babu Naik contributed a great effort in showing his creative skills who made some amazing fruit carvings to decorate and enhance the table for the evening party, and he made a fruit basket, a cradle, flower, etc. When, he was done with the cradle carving of watermelon, he realized that he needed four wheels as well. However, another employee from the support team, Gulshan Syed rushed to the nearest supermarket to purchase oranges and saved the situation. Finally, he made the wheels and fixed it to the cradle.


Although, it was a group task, surprisingly, everyone worked together. Almost, everyone played a role in the preparation of food platter, as well as chopping fruits and vegetables.

At six, the conference hall was decked up with Hyderabadi dishes one after the other, such as sheer khurma, Haleem, Payasam, dahi vada, samosa, custard, dates, aam papad, fruit salad, vegetable salad and some refreshments. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the time when Muslims break their fast on the day. At last, the auspicious moment arrived and everyone greeted each other and enjoyed the spirit of fervour and, of course, the spread.


All the team members rejoiced and relished the lavish smorgasbord of iftar party. Incidentally, the sales teams from outstation were present at the party who juiced up the celebration. There’s a moment when everyone was looking with googly-eyes, as the iftar party at MeraEvents turned to another halt, when five of our team members participated in “who can eat more Haleem in less time” competition.

According to Ms. Tadi, this complete iftar party was organized with a thought of “involvement of members from every team.”


Most important ingredient of the iftar is zakat. A donation to the needy. The iftar celebrations in MeraEvents culminated in donating food to the needy also. And, the spirit of the zakat was accomplished by donating some food to the needy outside the office.

Pomp and gaiety marked the celebrations with everyone greeting one another.

Preeti Sahu

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