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 MeraEvents: A boon for every event organizer: 

When you wanna manage an event, it isn’t enough to have just the required manpower. Leveraging every facility, including technology, to pool all resources is the key to success of your event. Where do you get the end-to-end solutions?

MeraEvents is a one-stop solution provider to address all your event needs. So, if you are part of the multi-million dollar event management industry, here are 30 amazing offerings for you from MeraEvents kitty.

Event website:

Event websites by MeraEvents

Event organizers can now choose from over 100s of templates we have to create a website. You actually can create one website for every event that you are organising. Pick a website template and let’s do it for you in less than a day. List, promote and sell tickets at one place by creating an exclusive website for your event. This makes your event discovery in search that much easy. 

Ticketing widget:

Guide for an event organizer

Getting a ticket widget is a long, and tiring process. Well, not anymore as the organizer can now enable net banking, credit card, debit card, Paypal, etc., as the prefered payment modes and sell event tickets by placing our widget at no additional cost on your event website.

EMI options:

Event Tickets on EMI

Selling tickets for high-priced events is difficult. So, to draw more audience and sell more tickets, enable EMI option for tickets. Organizers can now convert casual browsers into ticket buyers and loyal patrons with the EMI option. Customers can take advantage of utilizing this feature and enrich their knowledge by attending the trainings, workshops and conferences as the tickets are made affordable with the EMI option.

Viral ticketing:

Create a buzz on the world wide web about your event by enabling viral ticketing and sell more tickets. Viral ticketing or viral marketing is a referral program, which boosts the ticket sales for an event. Personal recommendations always attract more sales, so let your buyers do the selling for you and earn discounts/redeemable points.

Affiliate marketing: Widen the orbit and sell more tickets for your event through affiliate marketing. Let others (affiliates) market your event, divert traffic to your event/website and convert it into ticket sales.

Digital marketing assistance:

Promoting an event using Social media

Increase your event reach with informative, engaging social media content, actionable posts, running online contests and offering discounts or prize tickets, email marketing and other allied activities. Optimise your event for the search engines and mark your presence on all the prominent social media platforms!

Box-office management:
MeraEvents simplifies Box-Office at Big Ticket Events

Registration desk at any event is the most chaotic and hard to handle. But, event organizers can now heave a sigh of relief as we will be your Teller. With multiple counters for each category, trained professionals for handling the crowd, real-time count of tickets issued and a counter for on-spot tickets, MeraEvents re-defines box-office management for event organizers.


Top 10 features of EasyTag, the quick and easy attendee check-in and badge printing app

While our box-office management services are liked by organizers of entertainment and sports events, professional events need a solution that is more tech-based. We have the perfect technology solution, EasyTag, which will help you check-in your guests, print badge and know the real-time attendee count in less than a minute.


Moozup, Event networking, mobile agenda for events

Update event agenda from your mobile with MoozUp. Login, alter and publish, to notify the changes on the go with MoozUp. Host Q&A sessions, track delegate engagement and conduct real-time polls and surveys using MoozUp, which also facilitates event networking, before, during, and after the event.


Learn Your Leads Preferences and send personalized brochures with digibroc

Helping the organizers of exhibitions, trade fairs and other events in specific and every organization in general is our product DigiBroc, which ensures that brochures are shared digitally. How? upload your brochure to the DigiBroc site and generate a QR code which can be scanned by visitors at the exhibition, so that the brochure can go and sit in the email inbox of the user.

Your audience need not carry heavy brochures all the way back home. DigiBroc also comes with a feature to track the activities of the receiver, helping you follow-up with ease.

Event Analytics:

MeraEvents enables event organizers to use event analytics, an integrated, intuitive interface for analytics, which helps you understand the number of views your event page received, details of  the person who viewed it, etc. This can be used to create customised offers that will turn the casual visitors into converted leads.

Recommendation engine: An in-built tool on MeraEvents platform, Recommendation Engine intelligently captures the user behaviour vis-a-vis the genre of events being browsed or patronised (ticket buying) by them and makes recommendations to them about your event by technologically analysing if that fits in their interest areas.

InstaLively: A live streaming android application that lets you livestream videos in HD to your YouTube, helps you stream your event and monetize that facility. Your international audience might not be in a position to spend on travel and stay, so let them enjoy the event on the go and sell virtual tickets for the same.

Newsletters: Reach-out to millions of prospective clients instantly by sending out bulk emailers. Newsletters sent for events can also be tracked for the user activity and ROI (Return on Investment). This feature is offered as a pay-per-use model to the event organizers.

Sales advisory: Expert advise makes all the difference to your event. Take the expert guidance and professional assistance of our sales teams spread across geographies on various topics like right ticket pricing, marketing strategy, positioning of the event, marketing spend management, use of technology, etc.

Creatives: A picture is worth a thousand words, so let our creative team give voice to your event. Ranging from the event banner to the Facebook posts, our creative team can offer assistance in every aspect you want and within the stipulated deadlines.

Seating layout:

We create a virtual seating layout and let your audience get a glimpse of the seating plan at the event. This helps the audience pick their preferred seat and is likely to increase the ticket sales for your event.


Data download: It is your event and you have the right to own every bit of it. So, why not have access to the attendee data? This enables you to download attendee data with ease and you know that information/data is power these days.

Mobile PoS: Organizers can now use our card swiping machines for the on-ground operations and pay only the gateway fees. MeraEvents partnered PayNear Solutions for credit card payments for offline ticket at the event venues.

Ticket printing assistance:

Event ticketing printing assistance

Ticket printing is a cumbersome process and it requires several measures in terms of security on tickets like the barcode, QR code, holograms, embossing, UV light scan feasibility, etc. So, get in touch with us and we will put you on to the right and reliable vendors.

Wristbands printing assistance: Take complete control of the admission and crowd at events by providing colour-coded wristbands for your attendees based on the category they have registered for. Wristbands, either with or without NFC (Near field communication) requirements can be supported by MeraEvents.

F&B technology: At large events, organizers find it hard to handle the sales at F&B counters, but not any more as our technology facilitates management of F&B sales at the event.

Post-event feedback

Event feedback: Know about your event from the horse’s mouth by collecting post-event feedback from your attendees. This enables you to identify and tighten the loose-ends and ensure that the mistakes are never repeated.

Corporate connect: Take the word out about your event and create a buzz in the corporate world. We have a network of corporates whom we serve and we can help you reach this group of people. You can use our viral ticketing and other promotional techniques to establish and also reinforce the corporate connect.

Campus Connect: Reaching out to students is a tough task as the platforms they are active on are different. To ensure that your event reaches every college, university and institution, we have an active and energetic bunch of campus volunteers who will help you promote the event.


Pick the most bespoke venue for your event and leave your audience awestruck. With the most comprehensive listing of venues that helps you skim your search based on the budget, location, facilities, etc., is our offering venues.meraevents.com

Service Providers: Organizing an event involves finding many services and finding the perfect event services provider who delivers impressive quality within your budget is tough and that’s where our product the event services provider steps in.

Connections: We connect the dots and connect event organizers by connecting them with the artistes (entertainment event), trainer ( professional, trainer, and sports), etc., as we are the market place for the events.


Event merchandising

Create an identity for event and let your fans have a little more than just the event, by selling to them even the event merchandise. MeraEvents offers assistance in event merchandising of all kinds ranging from the event staples like balloons,travel mugs, lanyards, t-shirts, bags, gifts, awards, etc.

Accommodation facilitation:  Many a time attendees travel from across the country/globe to attend events and it becomes difficult for the organizer to take care of the accommodation. To help ease this pain area, MeraEvents has been offering accommodation assistance to anybody travelling to an event on the request of the organizer. We have multiple partners working.


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