Ulchemy, the art of transformation

Ulchemy, the art of transformation in Bangalore

Two-day transformation program in Bangalore on multiple health issues

Are you looking for a transformation in your life? Want to engage in a self-improving lifestyle? Is this what you want? Well, looking for what you want is much different from knowing what will help you in transforming and improving your lifestyle.

How you can change your life for a better result? Have you ever tried to search how you can transform your life from a person you are to a person who is happier and healthier? Ever tried how to be more productive and stay more fulfilled, maintaining better relationships, feeling more self-confident, and having more self-esteem? If your answer to these questions is a no, please be advised that your search begins here at Ulchemy!

the art of transformation


The good news is that a two-day transformation program, Ulchemy, is taking place in Bangalore on August 15 and 16, 2015 at Consumax, R.V.Road, Bangalore which will help you in transforming your life and give you various ways for self-improvement.

What is Ulchemy?

Ulchemy is the ultimate alchemy, a hidden secret of happiness and success. Now you want to know what is alchemy? Alchemy is known as a secret that reveals many secrets. It will cleanse your body and mind, and give you confidence to achieve your goals as well as mitigate pain, and cure ailments.

It’s neither a workshop nor a knowledge program, but is a program of experiential understanding of body and mind which you can learn only through experience.

Ulchemy and Alchemy

Experiential understanding of body and mind

However, Ulchemy is not designed to heal health problems, but it makes you understand how the body functions. When you understand the functioning, your body will achieve a certain balance, and naturally you will start getting rid of several health challenges. So, Ulchemy is only a process to learn and experience.

To understand something, you have to experience and get into that situation. This two-day experiential program will make you understand the functioning of body and mind, help your body cleanse naturally and stay healthy. Understanding this will lead you to learn how to recover completely from your present condition without any medication.

How is this two-day transformation program- Ulchemy is helpful?

Dakshina Kriya, a breathing exercise, will be taught at this transformation program, Ulchemy. Now, you may ask yourself, is it a yoga program? Well, what do you understand by Yoga? Yoga is mostly understood as a process that is associated with physical exercise. However, it’s actually a state of mind (state of being). State of mind is, for instance, a mental condition of being happy, sad, angry, jealous and the likes.

transformation art

Happy face, Sad face

What do you need in your life? Happiness! Your health and happiness lie in external situations like a good job, wealth, health, and good relationships. If you are happy, you will stay healthy. In such case, Ulchemy is a yoga program. It will enlighten you on how to transform from all the external situations and, stay happy and healthy. However, it’s not a religious program, but a completely scientific one to experience the power of your subconscious mind with Ulchemy.

What are the benefits of attending this two-day transformation program- Ulchemy:

  • Keeps the body in harmony and balance
  • Prepares the mind to win any challenge in life
  • Enhances the capabilities of the physical body, mind, and energy system
  • Creates the basis to gain complete mastery over the human system
  • Help improve relationships
  • Helps lose weight
  • Multiple health issues can be cured

Who can attend this two-day transformation program- Ulchemy:

Anyone who wants to learn the functioning of body and mind, or want to transform the present life to a better life, can attend this program. This experiential program is also suitable for teenagers, which would help them to perform the best in their academic life.

Nature is going through certain process. Sometimes, children find it hard to communicate with their parents and to the world at the teenage as certain biological changes affect the human psychology. In such case, Ulchemy is beneficial for teenagers, as well.


Create a bright future with “Ultimate Alchemy”

So, are you ready to reveal the secrets to transform your life by going through an amazing experience at this two-day transformation program- Ulchemy? Ulchemy Bangalore August 2015 tickets are available at just 5000 INR. Hurry and register now!


a) This program is open to all. Seats are limited. Register in advance.
b) Special offer for students.

You can buy tickets making use of the EMI facility also.

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