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Big Data Data Science with Practical Machine Learning

Big Data, Data Science with Practical Machine Learning Workshop on July 25, 26, 2015

Big Data refers to the data which is so huge that it becomes practically impossible to handle it using traditional computers or devices. Big Data Analytics empowers you to extract useful information that follows certain regular patterns. When data size grows exponentially, it is difficult to manage and process the available data using trial-and-error methods. So in the continuous expanding data space, you need some methods of analysis which will help you evaluate any incoming data.

Big Data Analytics

Machine Learning helps you in the extraction of patterns present in the data which are non-trivial. Big Data is everywhere, be it webspace, social media, supermarket transactions, bank transactions etc. Big Data is data which is so huge that it is unable to process through traditional statistical methods. The workshop titled “Big Data, Data Science with Practical Machine Learning” gives the participant a bird’s eye view of Big Data technologies. The participants will appreciate the applications of Machine Learning starting from predicting weather, diagnosing malignant diseases based on the history of patient’s records to recently developed Google’s self driving car. It is a two-day workshop and will be held on July 25 and 26, 2015 at Dhi Leadership Center, Innovation Park, Bannerghatta Road, Venugopal Reddy Layout, Arakere, Bengaluru, Karnataka from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Big Data

The workshop will enable the attendees to use different machine learning algorithms based on the available data in a practical scenario. These demonstrations will be done via User Interface (UI) tools and sample production data. The participants need not have expert programming skills, but basic computer skills are advised.

Who are the target audience?

The target audience includes:

  1. Project Lead
  2. Tech Lead
  3. Team Lead
  4. Architects
  5. Data Analysts
  6. Senior Software Engineer
  7. Programmer Analyst
  8. Chief Technical Officer
  9. System Analyst
  10. People from Telecom domain
  11. Anyone who is good in Maths and has keenness to learn analytic skill

Topics Covered in the workshop

The workshop will emphasize on the following topics:

  1. Brief Introduction of Big Data and its processing
  2. Introduction to Machine Learning
  3. Tools and Techniques for Machine Learning problems
  • Big Data challenges and opportunities in the industry
  • Training and Learning models
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data complementing each other
  • Supervised, unsupervised learning and their difference
  • Classification related to supervised algorithms and clustering done in unsupervised methods
  • Real World Example of Machine Learning in action
  • Hadoop and Spark Overview and how they are important in handling Big Data
  • H2O, Knime, Mallet, Orange
  • Weka Machine Learning Tool

4. Introduction to Weka
5. Linear and Logistic Regression
6. Random Forest
7. Boosting for Semi-Supervised Learning
8. K-Means Clustering using Expectation Maximization
9. Support Vector Machine for finding linearly separable boundaries
10. Basic Input/Output strategy
11. Overview of different tool sets in Weka
12. Neural Network

a. Why and When to use SVM
b. What is Kernel
c. Kernel Trick, Primal-Dual Optimization
d. Example of SVM

  • Biological Inspiration of Neural Network and how humans remember patterns
  • How Neural Network works
  • Feed Forward, Back Propagation Involved in Neural Networks
  • Example in Weka
  • Introduction to Deep Learning – way to solve all our woes

Cloud Computing

Benefits / Key takeaways from the workshop

This course will enable you to:

  1. Explore data for finding patterns and relationships not apparently visible (Data Mining)
  2. Predict the relationship between different features governing the data (Predictive Modeling, Predictive Analytics)
  3. Understand the problem in business, analyse the problem, design and model the solution
  4. Use tools like Weka, ScikitLearn for Data Analytics and Prediction
  5. Solve business problems using Analytics, Predictive Modelling (in Weka) in different domains (like web, text, image, reviews)
  6. After attending this workshop, there is high possibility of the attendees to be hired as Data Analysts or Data Scientists by reputed companies which are the the most lucrative jobs in the IT industry
  7. If any attendee wishes to shift his/her career to Business Analytics field, this is a great opportunity to get a hand-on experience in this workshop and get hired by companies and startups working in the Data Analytics
  8. Companies across different domains can leverage the services of Data Scientists to foray into the field of Big Data Analytics and expect growth

Data Mining

About the Trainer(s)

The trainers are adept in Machine Learning algorithms and have years of industry experience handling projects related Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Cloud Computing. The trainers have great tutoring experience and have been invited to ivy league universities in India and abroad for guest lectures.

1. Trainer 1

Neelima Vobugari is founder of Tarah Technologies, She is a certified CRM consultant and a certified Data Scientist. She is an alumnus of John Hopkins University, Maryland, where she finished her specialization in Data Sciences. She has worked on interesting real-time data science and customer centric CRM projects. Before starting Tarah Technologies, she worked for giant IT companies including IBM. She was invited by the Chief Minister of Karnataka for the pre-budget session of Karnataka for representing the women entrepreneurs of Karnataka where she suggested the measures to be taken to encourage more women entrepreneurs. She has also attended the International Women Entrepreneur Conference held at Minneapolis, USA in 2013 and represented India.

2. Trainer 2

He is a Principal Research Scientist and Associate Vice President at an MNC, Bangalore, India. He has rich experience of more than 15 years in IT and Services Industry. He is a prolific, astute researcher who craves for new challenges. He has six granted patents, around 15 filed patents, one published book by Wiley, one book in process, several book chapters, multiple journal and conference papers, to his credit.He has been graces with invited talks and editorial positions. He obtained a doctorate degree in Artificial Intelligence from University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Prior to Ph.D he secured his B.Tech and M.Tech in computer science from premier institutes in India Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur and IIT, Mumbai respectively.

3. Trainer 3

He works as Technical Architect in a leading IT Service firm. He has over 9 years of experience in software industry in various technologies and is a proficient leader. He has worked on GWT, Eclipse Plugin development, Lucene, Solr, NoSQL databases etc. He has been invited as a speaker to developer events like ACM Compute, Indic Threads and Dev Camps. In addition to this, the speaker has teaching experience in renowned colleges like IIIT Bangalore, IIIT Jabalpur. He has 3 granted patents. He has presented research papers in world-known conferences on Hadoop, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Machine Learning etc.

Registration Fees

The registration fees includes lunch, tea and a certificate.

Ticket prices for each category is mentioned below:

Each Ticket price Group Discount for 3 to 5 people Group Discount for 6 to 10 people
Early Bird ticket price till July 12, 2015 After July 12, 2015 Early Bird ticket price till July 12, 2015 After July 12, 2015 Early Bird ticket price till July 12, 2015 After July 12, 2015
Rs. 13, 499 Rs. 15,000 Rs. 10,499 Rs. 11,499 Rs. 9,749 Rs. 10,499

You can even book your tickets through the EMI option available at Meraevents.

Hurry up, and book your slot right away as the tickets are selling fast. Learn, explore and enrich your knowledge in Big Data technologies. Come, unleash the power of Big Data Analytics and Data Science by experts from the industry.

Data Analytics

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