Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika at MeraEvents

Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika

Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika
Re ai ai…

Barah mahine me barah tareeke se
Tujh ko pyar jataaunga

Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika
Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika
Re ai ai…

This Salman Khan-starrer Mika Singh rendition in ‘Ready’ suddenly began echoing on the floor at MeraEvents on Wednesday evening. And, Support Executive Mohammed Gulshan Syed began shaking his leg amid cheering girls and guys.

As the song virtually erupted sans much ado, the floor reverberated with joy and enthu, electrifying the atmosphere all around. Syed continued his dance amid lusty cheers.

A couple of girls (female executives) switched on the cams on their mobile phones to videograph the momentous occasion. But, what’s that. Syed’s birthday. It was indeed his silver jubilee celebrations. He turned 25 on Wednesday.

Then began Agneepath’s chikni chameli

Bichhu mere naina, badi zehereeli aankh maare
Kamsin kamariya saali ik thumke se lakh maare
Note hazaaro’n ke, khulla chhutta karaane aayi
Husn ki teelli se beedi-chillam jalaane aayi

Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa (quarter) chadha ke aayi

birthday celebrations with Dhinka Chika
Syed chose to impress his colleagues not without a reason. The support team packed his birthday gift and hid it “somewhere” in one of the numerous almirahs on the floor.

Raising a toast to him on his silver jubilee birthday, they enthused him to take his zest for “earning” his gift through the game of “Treasure Hunt” to its crescendo.

After a half-an-hour spontaneous gig at the desk, the man set out on his mission to explore his gift.

All those who cheered him, began teasing him all of a sudden.

MeraEvents moved to a new premises a floor down just three days ago and everything is new to everyone in the office. The Support Executive turned naughty and tucked the gift “somewhere” and asked Syed to discover the same.

He was clueless. Yet, they gave him a clue. The number of the lock-and-key of the almirah. Incidentally, among the 100-odd chest of drawers and cupboards around, the poor Syed had to pass through an ordeal to find his gift. “If you want your birthday gift, you have to search for it. Hunt for desk no.102.”

And, finally he began poring through the stickers at every key hole. And, Dame Luck smiled on him and he found desk no.102, but all that he got was a loud roar from the team, “Sorry, time’s up! If you want to get your gift, you have to impress your team including your manager,” by walking the ramp, dancing, singing, dialogues, etc.

At last, he succeeds to impress everyone and got his last clue, i.e., “Hunt for 238”. There is no desk with the number 238, but there is a shelf with the same number. And he didn’t know that!

Without even shouting “Open Sesame”, he could pry open the cupboard in which the gift was hidden. Wrapped in a beautiful pack, it was the turn of Syed to unravel the “mysterious gift”. To his utter surprise, it was a wristwatch. He thanked the team profusely for the impromptu celebration.

Support team

The spirit of camaraderie wafted through the premises.

For Syed, the present came as a pleasant surprise, not only because it is his birthday, but he was treated to this as soon as he’s done with his afternoon Ramzan prayer.

Mubarak ho, Syed!

A Saye Sekhar

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