10 things you need to know about Lost Stories

Lost Stories will be performing live at Tomorrowland 2015.  Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi have made it, together, for India Inc. Touting the fact that their stuff has been used as base tracks by some big names in the biz sounds like a royal amount of snobbery, but they only say it coz they mean it.

Black Hole Recordings, their parent company, is owned by DJ Tiesto. Before that, they were with Tuhin Mehta’s Brutal by Birth. And let’s not forget the Vh1 My Fav DJ awards where the boys had their first ever accreditation as winners of the the trance DJ category; Contrabands too. They’ve got great things in store for the future, without any help from the stars.

They’ve been at Sunburn, on lineups with Steve Aoki, Tiesto himself, Nicky Romero, Mat Zo, Martin Garrix, Matisse Sadko, Nucleya, Boombaba, Dualist Inquiry, Gareth Rees, Norin and Rad, Gareth emery, Deniz Koyu, Clement, Chicane, and that’s naming a few. They work with the software and the hardware,sorta, so they know their trade well.

And now that they’re on the list for Tomorrowland, quite a bit of the world is going to hear them. You can’t say about them, because (stupid!), they’re not going to get on that podium, and then give you a random list of things you might or might not want to know about them. See, that’s being done right here, below.

Fair warning, this ‘list’ is fairly silly. And this is the only way to use the word fair. And it’s based off excessively stalker-ish gleanings from the boys’ online stuff. But here goes.

1.    The obvious


There’s two of them. One is 28, the other is 24. Their birthdays fall on August 10 and November 16, respectively. They say they met online, but nobody knows where. It could have been one of those anon chat rooms or playstation MP chats, since that was way back in 2009. That or tuition classes.  They’ve been at it ever since.

2.  Social stuff


The younger one, Rishab, is a self-professed pervert. That explains a lot.  And he’s been called the bully of the duo. He studied at Mithibai College. Their alumni of said institute make for a daunting list.  And then he dropped out of there. The older guy, Prayag, looks seeda and is the more timid beta. But he’s been to the South Indian Education Society, for some kind of management degree. And it’s the same story with the alumni there.

Go google it. You will freak.

 3.  So, they’re friends with the big guns, in the country too.


Yes, like really big names, VJs, DJs, movie guys, musicians, singers and the like. While they’ve kept their lineages secret, they’ve done it to make a name, wayward son ishtyle. And it’s worked. Or we just stumbled upon the Illuminati, okay?

4.They read the news.


No, no, they do. I think. They like making fun of the TOI, so they must! No seriously, they do. When they get the time to.

5.Despite all this, they were seriously worried they might not make it, at one point in time. Just like normal people.


They’ve had to live roadie lifestyles to get where they are today. And it has been a bit of an uphill climb, despite the fact that they’re pretty light-hearted about it online.

6.They make bad videos.

And dress up like Darth Vader’s fired warlock ex-crew in them. Case in point.

Well, their production team does so, at any rate. But their ‘audio’ makes up for that. Everyone’s heard Mahi and How You Like Me Now. And their vines are fun. Rad pics too. And they share cool works, made by some mean artistes. Decent tastes, boys!

If you haven’t heard their music yet, get going to SoundCloud! Move it, now. You really don’t know what you’re missing. And that’s even worse than you think, yeah.

7.They’re next-door geeks.

They like video games. And secret societies. And star wars, and Dark Age stuff.  They know about Miku. They like their toys, obsessing about them at times. They make lameass promo rework posters.

They’re not super great at them RPGs. Above average, so that’s most of that age group. And looks like they’ve almost quit. Alas, the dilemma of fame!

8.The genres


Okay, so they started with house, in Bengaluru, not their home turf. They sound like progressive, but they have pointed out that it is big house. But their works are sturdy enough to be used as bases for live mixes, which range from trance to euro. So you know they’ve paid attention to percussion. Incidentally they both had to learn the classics, and that has affected their mixology.

9.They’re India babies.


It’s not just the cool vocals they add to their music. They have siblings. They like junk food , non-veg (all kinds) and trashy humour. They take pictures of fries and bacon,lol. They have gaalfraands. And phaurein ones too. They hold controversial (read sexist) views. One of them is a part-time insomniac. They try too hard sometimes (LSXAS?).  They don’t like airline companies. They have a lot of ‘gurus’. Like, dropping names much? They take pics of their phones with dead batteries.

This is India, okay, everyone is like that. We all have indianisms, and fixing loose screws takes time. So these kids are okay, for now.  And they don’t hide the cliché stuff. Or nationality. They’re just scared of stalkers. Thats like the only break in their otherwise stereotypical average indian male personas.

10. They like to get high.

On lots of stuff.


Hey, 20 years into the future, the only thing that’s going to matter is being a consenting adult. And having lots of tissue paper and toothpaste, and a game of nugball. But they got that covered, so chill.

There you have it. Now you know enough to get into an argument with the next person you meet at The Blue Frog events about Rishab and Prayag. You might even catch them at the next one, if you’re lucky.

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