How to promote an event using social media

How to promote an event using social media

12 ways to leverage social media for promotion of events

It’s all about creating a buzz for your events through online networking. Social media marketing has completely changed the way of promoting an event online. Not just that, social media is an essential part of marketing which helps increase interaction with customers/users while promoting an event. Social media can be utilized to maximize ticket sales, which will  make the event a commercial success.

If you are not doing it right, the effectiveness of your social media marketing can backfire.

Don’t worry! Are you into the business of events? Wanna create a buzz for your event and wondering how social media can be utilized to promote it?

Here are the 12 best ways on how to promote your event using social media. Take a look.

1. Create your own event page

Create your own event pages on Facebook, Event handle and hashtag on Twitter, Blog post on LinkedIn, Pin board on Pinterest, gallery on Instagram, and post on Google+, which will help your event go viral. If the headliner is, in case of entertainment, trainer in case of professional and training, or a participant in case of a sport are celebs, tag them in your posts.

2. Facebook posting

Create a buzz on the Facebook page for an event before it is launched.  Post a teaser and keep your audience hooked to the page and guessing what’s in store. Doing this will bring in a lot of hype and hoopla for the event.

3. Run contests to engage users

User engagement is vital for the promotion of your event in social media. Running a quiz or a contest will draw more eyeballs and entice them to participate in them. This naturally involves the user on your event page, which may end up in a ticket sale.  

how to leverage social media

4. Gain new fans

How? When you create a dedicated event page on Facebook, you will have an invite option, where you can invite your friends. This will expand the reach to more number of individuals from your target audience.

5. E-Banners

Do you remember last election when “Jaago Re” did a promotional ad on every social media platform asking “Have you registered to vote yet”? Indeed, it increased the total number of voters by 12% compared to the previous elections. Suchlike, you can create e-banners or promotional ads to promote your event. It will be little pricey. This is a paid activity of social media marketing.

6. Create a call-to-action button on your Facebook page

Having a call-to-action button on the top of the Facebook event page increases traction for your event. Keep updating the posts with new and interesting information about the event on the page. You may also ask a question or two in response to comments underneath a post to continue the thread.

7. Twitter Buzz

Hashtag is the king of social media. Create a catchy and relevant #hashtag for your event and tweet about it regularly to create a buzz and trend it. Tweet on every recent update about the event or news related to your business. Tag renowned personalities if they are associated with tweet/update. Create a run-up of tweets related to the event using the hashtag (run-up can be a countdown to the event/ interesting facts, etc., that might call for a retweet/favourite) and post them at regular intervals.  Please bear in mind the critical hour when most of your target audience are on twitter. It varies from event to event, and genre to genre.

8. Professional gathering

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professional events. It gives a big platform for professional gatherings and engagements. You can search for groups and join it. Professional posts on LinkedIn drive huge traffic to the event. According to a recent market report, it has been proven that 20 posts in a month can drive 60 percent of audiences.  So, if you are planning to promote a professional event, don’t miss the chance to set off your campaign through LinkedIn. Members on LinkedIn are intellectuals and looking for serious content, so monitor your posts and exercise restraint on the frequency of posts. Try and respond to in-mails and also comments promptly.

how to promote your events using social media

9. Blogging

Blogging is another important social media platform for marketing your event. Consider having catchy headlines for the content. Use WordPress, blogger, Tumblr, Quora (blogs) and other blogging websites and create original content for promoting the event. Do a keyword analysis before writing the blogs with the help of Google Keyword Planner tools to use proper keywords. However, avoid stuffing of keywords — be it the short-tail keyword (One-word keyword specific to the event or the post) or long-tail keywords (most searched long phrases).

10. Post videos on the social media platforms

This is one essential part of social media marketing. Videos are more salient and attract attention irrespective of the platform posted, be it a blog, Facebook or YouTube. Visual content has always been the most preferred one for visitors than the text content. So, it’s always good to create a video to drive attraction of visitors or readers.

11. Create a pinboard

Create an array of pins on your pinboard with information about the event, venue, teaser about the event, etc., on Pinterest. This gives your audience a look and feel of what to expect from the event, which will surely make them hit the “Book Tickets” button.

12. Post #Insta updates

A picture speaks a thousand words. So, let the talking happen with pictures on smartphones with your Instagram account.

Entertainment and sports events are more favoured by the audiences than others, and that is the reason it engages the audience and reaches to more number of individuals. Professional, training and spiritual events  are some of the other events that create a buzz. Follow these ways and make your events go viral on Social Media.

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If you want to include some more interesting stuff related to the social media marketing for promoting an event, then you can suggest in the below comment box.

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