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Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is a concept that is widely popular across the globe and has grown immensely popular with the growth in the e-commerce portals. Everything is now available on EMI. So, why not buy event tickets on easy installments? Yes, you read it right! We mean that you can now buy event tickets on EMI basis with MeraEvents.com.

What is event tickets on EMI?

Organizers can now choose to sell event tickets that cost over 2,500 INR on an EMI basis to the attendees. MeraEvents.com introduces an exciting offer for all its patrons who can now attend global music festivals and expensive professional and training and sporting events by swiping their credit cards.

Why sell event tickets on EMI?

Event Tickets Now on EMI

Selling event tickets on EMI turns casual browsers into shoppers and loyal patrons. Most of the professional events, training programs, workshops and the global music festivals have an exorbitant ticket cost, which makes it impossible for everyone to attend. However, that is not the case anymore as the attendees can now pay the cost of the ticket in EMIs by choosing the Credit Card (EMI) option.

What are the advantages to the organizer?

The organizer can offer installment facility to their customers, which is bound to increase ticket sale. This holds true in the case of most of the high-priced events and it is an ideal way to gain profits from ticket sale without offering massive discounts.

What are the advantages to the attendee?

Global entertainment events, which cost a fortune, become affordable as you can swipe your credit card and pay in installments. With the flexibility to choose from eight credit cards (more to be added), it is easy for the attendees to book tickets for events now. What’s more? The EMI option can be clubbed with any special discounts, that are available for the event. The only prerequisite for availing this offer is to have a credit card from any one of the 8 banks listed in MeraEvents.com

Is there a minimum booking cost?

The EMI plan is applicable on tickets that are priced more than 2,500 INR.

How to book tickets on EMI?

book tickets on EMI
Buying tickets on EMI basis is easy and simple with www.meraevents.com. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book tickets on EMI.

Select an event of your choice by visiting www.meraevents.com, (tickets costing more than 2,500 INR) and book the number of tickets you need from a category of your choice.

Login to MeraEvents, fill your information and click “Submit”

Select “Credit Card (EMI)” option as the mode of payment and enter banking information. Click on Make Payment to proceed to the next level.

From the list of eight bank cards, select your credit card and choose your tenure. Note that each bank has a different rate of interest and the EMI amount will vary based on the tenure.

Here is a list of banks and the Interest rate of each bank for varying tenures:

Sell event tickets on EMI

Tickets on EMI
Standard Chartered

Tickets for concerts and events
Citi Bank

Tickets for events on EMI


Affordable event tickets
Ratnakar Bank

EMI for event tickets




Click on “Make Payment” to finish the order, which will take you to a page notifying you on the “Payment Status.”

You have successfully booked an event ticket on EMI, yes it is that simple! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and visit www.meraevents.com now to book your event tickets on EMI.



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