Indian Ocean Live In Pune

This saturday, Indian Ocean will be playing live at the Classic Rock Coffee Company in Pune. They’ve been touring the country, and they’re back in Pune for a bit.

So far they’ve been busy, and they were last seen at Gurgaon, full house, at the 7 Barrel Brewpub. They went live impromptu for Raahgiri Day. And they’re finally coming back here. The poor fans in Ranchi must be dying.

They’ll be in Pune, this damp weekend, indoors, with releases from their new album Tandanu. They will play older compositions too, no protocol on requests though. Progressive band Qafilaa chased the Converse Rubber Tracks last year and are on the movement now. They will open for the guys this Saturday.

The band has been swinging genres a tad over the years, going from fusion classic rock to progressive fusion rock with Indie strains, and Tandanu is a genre in and off itself. But then, Indian Ocean have never been known to stick to one genre and the line dividing fusion and progressive is blurring by the day. They have included earlier influences and the album has some of the best they’ve given out lately.

Iconically, they’ve taken their personal interests in activism to another level, and they’ve used a lot of  these leanings with lyrics. Each song, like always, tells a story borrowed from old folksongs.

Rahul Ram’s laden vocals will be used against their works featuring other artistes. The current line up include Amit Kilam at the drums, percussion and vocals, Rahul Ram with bass guitar and vocals, Himanshu Joshi  for Vocals, Tuheen Chakravorty with the tabla and other percussion and Nikhil Rao for guita.


Be there this Saturday.



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