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8th Indo Global summit and Expo on Vaccines and Vaccination by OMICS International during November 2 to 4, 2015 at Hyderabad, India

8th Indo Global summit and Expo on Vaccines and Vaccination by OMICS International during November 2 to 4, 2015 at Hyderabad, India

Vaccines are considered to be one of the safest and most effective health care interventions of all time, saving millions of lives every year. These are among the most cost-effective health practices ever developed. There have been recent advancements and developments in Vaccines research. To know about all these new challenges and emerging researches in the multidisciplinary arena of Vaccination and Vaccines, the 8th Indo Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines and Vaccination is here.

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Vaccines India-2015 is organized by OMICS International which will be held during November 2 to 4, 2015 at Hyderabad, India. Vaccines India-2015 conference focuses on all the current advancements and researches going on in the vaccination and vaccines research.

 The Vaccines India-2015 aims at bringing together vaccine stakeholders including academic researchers, vaccine policy makers, public health clinicians, corporate and vaccine manufacturers, all under one roof to exchange information on new scientific achievements, technological advances carried towards Vaccines and Vaccination research.

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Vaccines India-2015 is an excellent platform for participants from several universities, institutes and other private organizations to interact and discuss with world class scientists and renowned speakers about their research. This forum also helps to establish a scientific network between the academia and industry leads to foster collaboration and evaluate emerging issues, technologies and innovations that will lead to explore new possibilities and improve the existing opportunities.

The main theme of Vaccines India-2015 is based on the topic: “Protect your world – get vaccinated”.

Other highlights of the conference includes:

  1. Human vaccines – infectious diseases
  2. Human vaccines – non-infectious diseases
  3. Ebola- Future Strategies
  4. Veterinary vaccines
  5. Vaccine safety
  6. Clinical studies and field trials
  7. Immunology / animal models
  8. Vectors / adjuvant / drug delivery
  9. Production / manufacturing
  10. Regulatory / societal / economic / programmatic / legislation subjects
  11. Accelerating the Development of Impeded Vaccines
  12. Glycomics and Vaccine Development
  13. Immunogen Design and Discovery
  14. Innovations in Assessment of Vaccine Efficacy
  15. New Vaccine Candidates
  16. New Vaccines: Beyond Infectious Diseases

Vaccines India-2015 provides poster and paper presentation opportunities for research scholars, delegates and other industrial professionals. All accepted abstracts will be published in OMICS Group Journals. And, all abstracts will be provided with Digital Object Identifier by Cross ref.

 Indo Global summit and Expo on Vaccines and Vaccination

Be a part of this exciting scientific conference by actively participating as a speaker, exhibitor, delegate, awardee, advertiser, or sponsor.

For all those who are either Vaccine manufacturers, publishers, business developers, industry/ business analysts, CEO, CSO or researchers, you need to be at Vaccines India-2015. Hurry up. The tickets are selling fast. Book your tickets right away for Vaccines India-2015 being held during November 2 to 4, 2015 at the city of Nizams, Hyderabad.

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