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GRI certified training course on G4 Reporting Framework in Hyderabad on June 19, 20, 2015

GRI certified training course on G4 Reporting Framework in Hyderabad on June 19, 20, 2015

Sustainability reporting has emerged as a common practice of 21st-century business and is used by various companies worldwide. The sustainability reporting framework provides greater organizational transparency.

Wanna understand the need of sustainability reporting? Here is a training programme that will give a clear insight on sustainability reporting. Insight Associates announces a two-day GRI certified training course on G4 Reporting Framework in Hyderabad on June 19 and 20 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Insight Associates has been one of the exclusive training partners in India, certified by GRI since 2009 and an organization stakeholder since 2007.

The training course is specially designed based on global methodologies adapted to Indian needs.

The certified training programme will cover multiple aspects of sustainability reporting like interactive case studies, leading practices, discussions and challenges related to sustainability reporting.

What are the objectives of the GRI G4 workshop?

  1. The GRI certified training programme aims at disseminating knowledge on sustainability reporting throughout India and also support various organizations, that intend to declare their sustainability footprints, using the GRI guidelines.
  2. The training course also contains “how-to” include and produce a balanced methodology for nonfinancial reporting of different social issues, environmental performances and business accomplishments, focussing on the central theme of G4 framework – “what matters and where it matters”.

What are the key takeaways from the training?

  1. Conceptual understanding of CR and sustainability.
  2. “How” and “why” sustainable development?
  3. Learning and understanding about 5 stages of GRI reporting framework.
  4. Insight into sustainability reporting frameworks and their significance to business.
  5. Experiential learning of CR report analysis (reports will be shared in advance as preparatory material).

GRI Certified Training Course On G4 Reporting Framework

Who can attend the training?

  1. Organizations that are looking forward to produce or improve upon a sustainability report.
  2. Companies seeking to enhance their corporate communications and investor relations programmes.
  3. Companies willing to understand the need and details of sustainability reporting guidelines.
  4. Practitioners who are interested in sustainability and CR.
  5. Consultants, Asset Managers, Investors, NGOs, Regulatory Agencies, students and any individual with an interest in sustainability reporting.

About the Trainer

The two-day training programme will be offered by GRI certified trainer Sheela Mistry. She has over 20 years of industry experience and is the Founder, CEO of Insight Associates®. She began her career as an HR and consultant in the year 1998 and built credibility among several clients ranging from MNCs, SMEs, Gujrat State Govt., PSUs, SSIs to academic institutions across the country.

Sheela’s passion for sustainability, the new frontier of management, turned her into a sustainability professional. In April 2009, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) certified and accredited Insight Associates® as one of the exclusive certified training partners in India. She has also undergone “Train the Trainer” program on several occasions, offered by GRI Netherlands, and conducted various GRI-certified programmes single handedly, covering around 1000 people. Sheela is a conscientious trainer, who completely focusses on her client’s requirements and benefits. She specializes in Sustainability Reporting.

The registration fees for this amazing training programme is 17,500 INR exclusive of service tax at 14%. Also, 10 percent discount for nomination of a group of 5 or more participants is available exclusive of service tax at 14%. Even, 10 percent discount for NGO representative(s) and students is available which is exclusive of service tax at 14%.

GRI certified training course on G4 Reporting Framework in Hyderabad on June 19, 20, 2015

What all things does the fee cover?

The registration fees includes:

  1. A GRI Certified Course Manual – print version.
  2. Reporting Principles and Standard Disclosures (in digital format).
  3. Implementation Manual (in digital format).
  4. Other resource material (in digital format).
  5. Lunch and refreshment.
  6. Certificate from GRI, HQ.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your tickets right away for this wonderful training programme happening on June 19 and 20, 2015 in Hyderabad. Be there to learn and understand the need of G4 Reporting Framework and become a certified professional.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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