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Fundamentals of Photography and Automobile Photography workshop at Mini Cooper

Fundamentals of photography and automobile photography workshop at Mini Cooper Showroom in Mumbai

Do you love cars and cameras? Do you love taking pictures of cars? Have you ever spent time in photographing automobiles, but inefficacious to capture the perfect one? Do you like photography, but no idea how to control the lens and how to operate it? Don’t want to open the camera manual and waste time on it? Would you like to get some practical help on how to take pictures like a professional?

If you say yes to any of the above, then you must attend the automobile photography workshop in Mumbai. The Fisheye World is organizing an invaluable workshop, where you will learn the fundamentals of photography, how to locate the camera, how to use the light, etc., along with the automobile photography at the Mini Cooper showroom on June 7, 2015 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Besides, if you want to get a deeper insight into the automobiles and take better pictures, it’s very important to first know the basics of photography. This workshop is perfect for anyone from the complete beginner, those who are looking for a proper guide on making good pictures to a professional photographer. Not just this, the three-hour-long workshop will help you on how to choose a good view and turn it into a great photograph.

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The fundamentals of photography and automobile photography workshop incorporates numerous things that would help you in comprehension the rudiments of photography and additionally how to take magnificent pictures. They are:

Introduction to photography, types of cameras, camera modes, holding the camera, how the camera sees, the viewfinder and autofocus, light and color, exposure and auto exposure, selecting a viewpoint, foreground composition, selecting a background, shutter-construction and shutter timing, diaphragm – construction, aperture and their corresponding numbers, sensor and ISO settings, about photographing cars, equipment for car photography, my first car shoot, selective focus photographs, with long lenses and wide angle lenses, with a block lens, car interior shoot, people and cars, car photography with flashlight, etc.

You don’t need to bring your cameras to the workshop, as The Fisheye World institute will provide their own cameras and equipment to the participants for the usage of photography, which is inclusive of registration fee, i.e., 2500 INR. The fundamentals of photography and automobile photography workshop in Mumbai is an awesome open-door for you to get and learn great photography. Try not to pass up a great opportunity from taking a participation certificate, which they will be giving toward the end of the workshop. Hurry and register now!

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