Easy steps to follow to increase ticket sales for an event

Easy steps to follow to increase ticket sales for an event

Make your event easily saleable with a perfect marketing strategy

Put your thoughts and efforts into work. Are you into a business which specializes in organizing concerts, professional events, sporting events, comedy shows, fundraising events, theatres and musical shows? How do you sell your tickets? Are you doing it the right way?

While organizing such events, you need to effectively market the event and ensure the sale of a large number of tickets, right? Every day, you need to check the ticket count as to how many were sold and how many remained. What do you do with the tickets that are left out? Do you know how to implement marketing plans for an event? Are too many questions staring at you? Do you have any answers for any of these?


When planning to organize an event, you need to follow a proper marketing strategy. Because, if things are not on track, no matter how much effort or money you spend, it will not work out. Ticket sale is the key to the success of the event. Don’t worry! We will guide you to set a perfect marketing strategy in place to sell more tickets for an event. Would you not like to do more business?

Here are the ways to boost your event.

  • Know your customer and increase your ambit

Whether you agree or not, the most important factor for any business is knowing the customer. It’s hard to make a proper marketing strategy and to shape up the selling techniques until and unless you know your target audience. It is vital to identify your customer, whether the event is suitable for children, youth, adults, or aged persons. This will help you in creating the right market strategy.


  • Event promotion is vital

Use of internet and modern technology are two vital sources that can give endless options to reach targeted customers. An effective way to boost your business is to advertise and promote events on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media websites are the most powerful way to get potential audiences. #Hashtag is another effective way to promote events. Creating templates, attractive banners and press releases are also effective and a great way to promote it. Doing this will help you reach out to your target audience.

  • Sell tickets online

The best way to sell tickets for your event is to upload your event on an event ticketing platform. Sell tickets online on your dedicated page of that platform. This is the easiest, simplest and fastest way to sell tickets for the events without any hassle. Also, you will get rid of the process of creating a website and then push the content.


An event ticketing platform will be frequently visited by audience of multiple demographics and they will naturally get to see your event too, when they visit the platform to buy ticket for any other event or just surf the events around. Thus, your event becomes pull content rather than a push content for which you need to spend a bomb. Always take the help of a third party to increase your ticket sales, a platform that can promote, list and do sales for your event.

If you already have a website of your own and ticketing process is embedded in it, you can re-direct all the clicks on the site to your ticketing partner’s website.

  • Push early bird offers & discounts

Start selling event tickets early. This will help in advertising the event, and gives enough time to increase ticket sales.

Providing discount offers or coupons is a powerful weapon for any business. It draws customers’ attention and encourages them to buy tickets early, so that they will not miss out on the discount. Discounts can be offered through promo codes or early birds. There is no way that this will bring any kind of loss to your business. Because, online ticketing has already saved a huge physical effort that costs a lot. Furthermore, discount offers give you more audiences, so it’s all about profit .

  • Ensure to have a quality check on the complete strategy

The revision process is always a good habit to follow. So, make sure you have done the quality check on your marketing strategy before your event is ready to be staged. Once, you ensure that everything is perfect, you can relax on thinking about how to increase ticket sales for the event.

increase ticket sales for an event

  • What Meraevents.com means for you?

If you are looking out for an easy way to increase the ticket sales for your event, believe us you are so lucky. Meraevents.com is here for you to handle your ticket sales. Meraevents.com is one-of-its-kind end-to-end event technology and ticketing platform, which helps you in listing, promoting and ticketing to do more sales for your event. If you are uploading your event onto meraevents.com, you have several facilities that come with the activity.

1. Embed a ticket widget for the event on your page

A ticket widget on MeraEvents platform automatically enables the preview of your event. So, embed a ticket widget for your event to increase the ticket sales. You can control the dynamic pricing process.

2. Market the event digitally

You can actually contact MeraEvents team to check if they could take up the promotion of the event. They guide you on how to go about promoting your event on social media platforms, in-house generic and specific blogs. If you can, share photographs or videos of a similar or an earlier event conducted by you. Please do not copy the pictures and videos of anybody else. Instead of enjoying the conduct of the event, you will end up fighting a legal battle for infringing on the copyrights.

There is one more important point that you need to know when planning to organize an entertainment event. It’s about entertainment tax. You can claim the extra entertainment tax from the entertainment tax department for the event tickets that are not sold. To know more about the entertainment taxation or tax rates in India, follow us at Meraevents.com or click Taxation.

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