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Thrive with Google for Work event on June 4, 2015 at Google's Hyderabad office

Thrive with Google for Work and optimize teamwork for your business success

In this current age of highly competitive and growing markets, every company tries to surge ahead of their competitors. And, to achieve this, you require specific tools to make your team agile, focusing on things that really impact and matter for your business. Of course, they should mandatorily keep all your data safe and secured. Is it possible? The answer is yes. You can now keep your team productive from anywhere, anytime with the help of Google Apps.

How can you make your business flourish with the help of Google for Work?

Join Google and Brio at Google’s Hyderabad office for this exciting and educational event on June 4, 2015 which will shed light on the topic: how more than 5 million businesses across the globe are making long strides of growth by Going Google.

Thrive with Google for Work

Brio is a Google App for work partners in India and its main objective is to help organizations use Google apps to increase their productivity. Brio boasts of having a group of certified Google Apps deployment specialists. They work round the clock 24*7 to provide the best available support and solutions to customers. They ensure hassle-free deployment for all Google software with highest quality.

Google Apps for Work is one of the prominent suites of cloud computing tools which are used by over 5 million organizations worldwide. It features multiple tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and sheets, Google sites which help in increasing the efficiency of the organization.

Thrive with Google for Work event on June 4, 2015 at Google's Hyderabad office

In this current age of fast-paced interconnected world, every company needs to handle its data ranging from sensitive customer information to daily transactions, master records. Secure data handling is a major concern. Data handling includes data storage, data access and data updates. Google Cloud and Google Drive are the available tools for safe storage of data. Various stakeholders can access the information from anywhere at anytime. These tools facilitates changes to be saved as soon as modifications are made. This ensures consistency of the data. Google Drive provides 100 GB of storage space at a meagre price of $1.99 per month. Google Drive helps you upload and share files across different platforms or operating systems. Administrators can manage the access options for different users. Feedbacks and messages can be sent along with the files shared.

Google offers you a mailing system with powerful spam filtering, 30GB storage and Outlook interoperability. Gmail can be accessed worldwide with internet connection. Google Calendar helps you manage meetings online and invite guests with any mobile device. Companies can schedule project meeting just by sharing invites among the team members. Calendars can be integrated with email system.

Google sites can be accessed securely from any desktop. Web-based documents, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations can be edited by multiple users and accessed at a time. With all these tools at their helm, companies can take key strategic decisions with increase in productivity.

If you are looking forward to explore more about various Google products, do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity to venture into the world of Google Apps for Work. There is no registration fee. Hurry up and register for this amazing event happening on June 4, 2015 at Google’s Hyderabad office. It’s time to grow with Google Apps.

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