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Forget the Soundcloud teasers, Vh1 Supersonic has something phenomenal in mind for Goa this December! But you can go ahead and while away the next 48 hours thinking about the future. Who’s going to be on the lineup, who’s going to be there, what you’re gonna wear, who you’re gonna take, what’re you going to take, what you’re going to do, who you going to..(lol). Wait, let’s cue you in on what you can look forward to first, for the time being, at least.

Making a noise over a semester before the actual event, the early bird offer is here. Yes, a semester, calculating time like a fresher is normal, since tickets have been priced like they have been. The early bird tickets are priced at INR 8750 (VIP) and INR 5000 (general). And you can block tickets by paying 20% of the bill now, and the remainder before September 15. It comes to INR 1000 upfront(one thousand bucks, that’s like less than a night out, can you believe that?!). And the VIP tickets, they’re available at INR 1750. So you don’t have to freeload off your girl or bffs for the rest of the month after you blow your pocket money on tickets. It looks like they’re going through the trouble to make sure the show happens post exams too. Okay okay, the hardworking aam admi office goers are invited too, and so are those of you who torched the dancefloors back in the age of free love.

The #Goearlybird contest, as one lucky FB user remarked, is another super excuse to “ to unleash the monsters within” at Supersonic Goa this December. And last week’s Q & A session with Nikhil on Twitter made the trendboards. Both,the early bird offer and the mini contests online are indeed killer strategies, but it’s not just that they’ve a great think tank. They really know what gets us. The early bird is the truly one of the best options for fans, since this really gives you time to get ready. You’d have to start booking rooms and stuff in advance, and plan a lot. And it’s really nice of them to have done all that.

And that’s not all they’ve been pushing for. They’ve kept the flames alight all this time (since last December), with Supersonic 101 nights in colleges across India, Club nights with international biggies like Marcus Schulz across the best clubs in the country, massive Arcade specials with EDM stars like Steve Aoki, Major Lazers and the Chainsmokers – and unbelievable deals for the Superslingers – a bunch who’ve become a cult themselves – with inside info on Supersonic that we’d love to get our hands on!

There’s been a buzz online for over many weeks now. So you know it’s big and only getting bigger. The lineup has not been hinted at. But chill. If the superb lineup from the last year is anything to go by, they’ve got us covered. There has been a lot of talk from Supersonic about the balance they bring to their programming, and they’re a big deal, so that’s something that has been noticed internationally. Who they line up for us this December, that’s kind of like trying to guess who’s going to be waking on water next . Whatever they come up with, we know they’ve got some stellar artistes lined up from across different genres. And it look’s like we can’t wait for them to dish.

Tickets are available on meraevents. Not just that, surprise goodies will be available exclusively for early birds!

So, urm, get with it. Pronto.


And this one’s for those of you with no clue..

So Vh1 is back with Supersonic 2015, a music fest dedicated to all forms of EDM. Last year, Supersonic set the bar for all EDM fests to come, and put India on that map. And they’re heading the third edition too. So you can expect them to raise that bar, by a sizeable altitude. They’re good at what they do, and they’d like to let you and every other EDM addict on the continent know that.

So block a slot and ready yourselves, dance-a-holics. Supersonic ’15 is at hand.    

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