That Village Food and Beverage Festival

May is like that one month of the year you’re most likely to melt into your socks, if you dared to wear any. But it’s also the only the month you’d kick back, relax, get lazy at work and shop till you drop. While the vacation season is coming to a close, here is an opportunity for you to unwind and enjoy.

The Grameen The Village Food and Beverage Festival is here to help you uphold that very tradition. They’re going to pump it louder with homegrown DJs Zee Two, Jee-1, Asif Iqbal, Ayesha Pramanik and Mike, with a special sixth surprise act. And there will be wine and dinning. Actually, there’s more than just wine on the menu.  At rock bottom prices, this celebration of the summer a la poolside, with a rain dance set included, is totally paisa vasool.

The DJ playlist will include bollywood EDM hits, old school disco numbers and the best remixes from the latest movies.

And this will all be held at the Dhola Ri Dhani, a venue known for its Indian themed locations. So you can actually take your girl or your friends along, and get mehendi work done while you listen to great music and guzzle  some quality liquor. Or party by the pool, to which you and your gang will have full access. The food will also be in the Indian cuisine, spicy and just right with tangy cocktails. And there are  some more ‘Indian stuff’ and activities for you while you’re there. And all this comes at a very affordable INR 1000 inclusive of food and music, plus 250 a drink. Man, does this hit the spot!

Oh and ushers, DJs, and the rest of the hospitality team will be dressed in regal traditional attire, the theme of the night. You can come in your tiny tanks or you go local. It is kind of a dress code, but it’s not a mandate, so it’s all good. Security is available too and you can enjoy the lavish spread with great music non-stop. And it’s happening this weekend, on May 30.

So come say bye to the last of summer, in style, while you take in a bit of what your heritage as to offer!

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