Event Marketing! Are you doing it right?

Event Marketing! Are you doing it right? Here is a guide that will help you with this.

You have been planning to organize an event and getting celebs to be a part of it, spent lots of money on taking the word out about your event, yet the registrations do not happen. What is it that your event lacks? Event Marketing! is the answer. So, are you doing it right?

Here are a few tricks and tips that you can follow to make sure your event hit the bull’s eye and registration, flood.

Identify your target audience:

Spot your target audience and reach out to them. Before promoting the event, connect the dots. Involve all stakeholders — your team mates. Brainstorm and go ahead with the marketing strategy targeted towards your audience.

Post your event online:

Posting your event online is the best way to reach out to people from across the globe instantly. Also, online marketing has the possibility of tracking user behavior, which, in turn, helps you measure the ROI. Analytics of different demographics can be assimilated to group the audience by using the data. This will be useful for your future events too.

Go social:

Event Marketing! Are you doing it right?

Tweet your event. Follow as many, including celebs on Twitter. That gets eyeballs. But don’t spam. Facebook is a great way to connect. Be sure, if it is a professional event, post it in LinkedIn and specific Facebook groups for branding and event marketing. If this is not the maiden edition of the event, then post client testimonials and videos with attendee views from previous editions.

Advertise on social media:

The power of social media extends beyond creating events and sharing the same with groups that you are part of. Every platform ranging from Google to Facebook, and Twitter to LinkedIn, offer an option to promote content by paying nominal charges, which will help you take the word about the event beyond your known circle and to a set of targeted audience.

Blog about your event:

Event Marketing! Are you doing it right?

Blogging is an amazing way to spread the word about your event. Google views the blogs as a constantly-updated information, which improves the page ranking for the search terms while your attendees are encouraged to register.

According to Event Marketing expert, Michelle Bergstein, “If your event is new or old, starting a blog that puts the focus on the purpose, goals, and educational aspects behind your event can prove to be very beneficial.”

Create a teaser for your event:

Ask your guest speaker (for professional event) or artiste (for entertainment) to share their views with the audience about what they are expecting from the event. Create a teaser out of it and share this video on multiple platforms. The content in this form is more likely to go viral than written words, so exploit it to the fullest.

Have the call-to-action (register now button) in place:

Event Marketing

Whatever you do, place the call-to-action (register now button) in a prominent location. That should cause the CVI (central visual impact). Imagine your prospective attendees being re-directed to the landing page, only with content placed all over, without any clear call-to-action (register now button). Surely, the bounce rate skyrockets.

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