Five interesting gifting ideas for a wedding

Five interesting gifting ideas for a wedding and express your love for the newly weds:

The most memorable time for any couple is their wedding and it becomes all the more special with people who are attending it. You can make the moment much more special by presenting them with a memorable gift.

Here are a few interesting gifting ideas that you can consider. But, before we begin with the best gifts, here is a blog on seven gifts you should never give in a wedding that will help you understand what all gifts that you should not give.

You can determine the cost of gifts based on the relationship you share with the bride or groom. If you know the couple very well, it will be easy for you to pick a gift for them. But if you are confused about what to gift the newlyweds, consider these interesting gift ideas.

Personalised gifts:

Gifting ideas for wedding

Browse through the internet and other social networking sites and get some pictures of the bride and groom (preferably pictures having both of them together) and use them on the gift you are gonna present to them thereby personalizing it. This can be anything ranging from a coffee mug to a pillow cover or a keychain.

Frame the wedding invitation:

Gifting ideas for wedding


Wedding invitation frame is a perfect gift for couples. Pick a beautiful frame and place the wedding invite in this and gift it to them. They are sure to cherish it for years to come and will remember you.

Cooking kit:

Gifting ideas for wedding

If you know that one of them is a foodie and the other does not have impressive culinary skills, gift a kit that helps the one who isn’t a great cook learn the art to impress the foodie. You can also prepare a personalised goodie bag with all the necessary ingredients to dish out a romantic dinner for two. It may be used just for a day, but the gesture will obviously bring back a smile on their faces whenever its thought crosses their mind.

The wedding movie:

Gifting ideas for wedding

Collect images of the couple and create a video of slides of their love story and present it to them with a nice narration. Maybe, a voiceover and subtitles add the much-needed essence to it. You can also incorporate wishes from family and friends in this short video, which will be a memory the couple cherishes forever.

Lend a helping hand:

If you are really close to the couple, help them with wedding preparations. Lend money if money’s really tight or you can volunteer to help them handle parts of organizing the wedding. If you are an ace photographer, zoom your focus on to this and capture their moods and present the repository of their memories.

Gifting ideas for wedding

Well, these could be a few ideas. You may let your creative brain work more and come up with much more interesting ideas to please the newly-weds. Cheers and All the best.

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