Say hello to Skanktown, India’s very own Coachella

Next week Skanktown is happening in Ranchi. Skanktown is named after the namesake, which literally translates to a town where people (not just female ‘skanks’) dress in tiny clothes and party. The thing about summers in india is that no matter how little you wear, you’re going to bake to a golden brown tan. So don’t let the name offend you, it still means fun and frolic in the land of mini-lungis.

And now that that explanation is out of the way, let’s get down to business. Why should you attend Skanktown?

Because this fest is made to be a proper EDM-themed music festival, like Coachella and Burning man or lollapalooza. The main idea behind these fests is a replication of your college music and art festivals. Its just that it’s bigger and better and meant for adults too.

Remember your early ‘youth’, that time when you believed the sky was the limit and lived for the summer fests? And, lol, it if it was univ, then you’d have lived in hostels or your own apartments; and everyone was high past 7 pm on fest days.

No one had enough of cash for booze at a proper joint,. so everyone guzzled down the cheapest liquor and then ran over for the DJ night, after three days of non-stop artsy and mech shit; DIY chain joints the size of..and the kid who kept everyone’s favourite wank; man that was the life.

Well, that’s what music fests are for. Only now we can afford to get good stuff and have cash for more than that. And Skanktown promises more than just great music and unlimited quality booze and colours. You get to go treks together, bike hikes, boat-rides, overhead cable car rides (like the ones on mountains. Heck, the location is a mountain range so, yeah, that should be expected), bamboo rafting, zorbing (in the water ball), paragliding and parasailing, camel rides, bungee jumping, and any other equally silly college-fest-typical activities. Oh, and there will be hoards of volunteers, so you can do all this high as a bat.

There’s a fully equipped med station, with docs and parameds, but just don’t go off the deep end, yeah? There are cops too. So, you know?

And yes, you can spend the rest of the time dancing your EDM-loving ass off. The DJ lineup is the absolute bomb. And there’s enough of place for a gazillion people to pump it or do the robo or twerk all at once, if you’re into that.

Three days of immortality. Drag everyone you know there! You’ll get to make some cool memories to flood your timeline with.


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