11 reasons why we love MeraEvents (and you should too!)

11 reasons why we love MeraEvents and you should too

The Game changer of Event technologies

MeraEvents comes with an apt tagline Think events, think MeraEvents! A 360 degrees event solutions provider, this portal has been a hot favorite among all event organizers as they no longer run from pillar to post to organize their events. It’s the most amazing portal to list and find events of different genres.

Here are 11 reasons that makes MeraEvents the best and the most loved portal amongst event organizers today.

DIY Platform:

Yeh mera event hai! is something we all feel when we are gearing up to host an event. MeraEvents lets you have the feel of your event with its DIY (do it yourself) platform. While listing your events on MeraEvents, you can upload your creative ideas, include information about the event, add date, time, and location of the event (with a google pin). Well, that’s not all. You can also sell your tickets by enabling the ticket widget.

Expert guidance:

Once your event gets live on the portal, you may need the help of a professional to go ahead with the process. MeraEvents team helps you with the ways in which you can promote your event to reach more people and get the desired attention. People at MeraEvents know the right recipe to make your event a success.

Affiliate marketing:

Get more people to sell your event tickets online through affiliate marketing. You can add a unique code to every affiliate and know who has helped you in selling the most number of tickets. You can embed the ticket widget to your website and track the sales that drove more traffic with your efforts.

Social media marketing:

7 event marketing lessons you learn from your kids

Take advantage of social media marketing for inviting your friends. It is important for you to post in every platform possible to promote your event across the globe.


Blogging is the best way to promote an event. You can update all the information regarding the event through blogging and make it easier for your attendees to attend the event. While search engines are likely to rank a blog higher over a website as blogs are frequently updated, it might not be possible for you to blog often. So, leave it to the professionals and let the content team at MeraEvents do the blogging for you about the event and spread the word to the world.

Viral ticketing:

11 reasons why we love MeraEvents (and you should too!)

Activate viral ticketing for your event and see how everyone sells the event tickets for you. Yes, MeraEvents has an option to make your event go viral. When you activate this option, every registered attendee gets an email with a unique link that they can share with their friends and when a ticket is bought using this unique link the person gets payback points (which is pre-decided by the organizer).

So, every buyer is an affiliate, and you save a lot on the marketing efforts, just by giving away small discounts or payback points.

Easy to use registration process:

Not everyone is tech savvy, but with the easy registration process that MeraEvents offers, your attendees can book the passes with ease. The website has multiple payment options that your attendees can choose from and complete the transaction.

Dedicated support:

7 event marketing lessons you learn from your kids

Your attendees may have numerous queries or need technical assistance at various times. MeraEvents paves the way for you by handling calls and resolving issues as they have a dedicated support team that handles all the queries via chat, emails and calls. They ensure that every guest invited for your event do actually turn up without any difficulties.

Reminder emails and SMSes:

The attendees book tickets for the event several days before the scheduled date (thanks to the early bird prices and offers). Automated reminder emails and SMSes to all the registered attendees are sent a few days before (or on the eve of the event). This will help the attendees attend the event on time.

Box office assistance:

MeraEvents simplifies Box-Office at Big Ticket Events

MeraEvents simplifies Box-Office at Big Ticket Events

Be it a big ticket entertainment event or an annual conference, handling the registration desk is a tedious task and MeraEvents helps you do it with ease.They use two different approaches for event check-in, one an instant event check-in and badge printing app for your professional events. The big ticket entertainment events are handled with an organized box-office set up with professionals assisting you. Click here for a sneak peek into how the box-office works.


It is always advisable to have the proper feedback from your guests after an event. A feedback form will not serve its intended purpose if it is sent several days after the event.

There is a solution to all your troubles. MeraEvents.com sends out the feedback form to all the registered participants as soon as the event gets over, helping you get some valuable feedback. This will help you organize your next event even better. The feedback form helps you know how your attendees felt about using MeraEvents, so you know if the services they offered were effective or not!

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