Alt J, Fitzpleasure and Tessellations

The funny thing about word-of-mouth popularity is that while you do amass large numbers of followers, they’re usually here for the music.

So while you may sound totally kosher, you’ll probably end up on a playlist on every other fan’s phone, as a result of a (free) download, as opposed to turning into a household brand, what with all the economic ups and downs and pocket money troubles plaguing everyone these days.

Lol, it really can’t be that easy.


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Like, you’d have to be an epic class act if you want to get that famous. It helps if you sing about stuff that matters to you and your audience. Stuff like love, sex, math and drugs really connect.

And then, you know, if you do it right, you make it big, your life and privacy go down the drain, and you have to deal with your problems with more money and alcohol and then you end up waking up and dozing off with strange people and that might be how you get to have stuff to sing about forever and ever after.

So it’s a wonder that Alt J have managed to hold on to their mundane lifestyles with the kind of fame they’ve been enjoying.  You’d think one of the best indie folk alternative electro-erotica bands of the decade would be a bigger deal. But pleasantly enough, they let their music do the talking for them, always, as a rule, the kind that you don’t need to break to be in. Hold up, no, their lyrical exploits can’t go unmentioned; they draw inspiration from some of the heaviest early-Goth influenced literature, and their own lives. They look like real-life geeks, so you’d have to expect some heavy intellectual leanings, though the general theme of their stuff involves a how-to-do-it list for dummies, which is not that mainstream anyway, and probably contributed to their appeal among the fairly younger kids.Not like we don’t need that too sometimes.

Oh, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have what it takes; they totes do, and man can they kill a beat! They’re still keeping in tune with their old gentry rock roots from Leeds, and their generation did do a good bit of going up with soft metal regulars. But that’s not stopped them from mixing it up with older influences from the 70s, that great time of reckless abandon and passions riding free. What you end up with is a distinct set of tenors backed by a unique backup of acoustics that feel like a mellow trip while you feel skin. Yeah, they’re pro-supportive of a lot of things, and rainbow love is on that list, so skin away, love.

Don’t forget our deaf, hearing drummer on the team, and our new bassist. Maybe they like contradiction in all forms, art or brute insipidity.

And thus, our men of techtronic valour, hold dictum over our fleshly countenances, the world over. They’re currently in India, but are scheduled for a couple of more tours and concerts across the Atlantic later this month.


Credit: Alt-J Win Mercury Prize

Credit: Alt-J Win Mercury Prize

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