Five artistes to watch out for this year

In this fleeting existence, where everything is meant to be broken and nothing lasts forever, ashes to ashes, and the sort, an unobtrusive protest of this rampant nihilistic concept is rearing its head, quietly like an epidemic in the music scene.  Okay, yes, the bleeding cynic heart genre has always been an all-encompassing omniscient thing as far as the arts go, but that it’s not the lamest thing around in 2015 is a surprise. Well, almost so, at least. But over the last couple of years, Electro club culture has embraced the fight.  As someone said on Tumblr: “It doesn’t end unless you wimp out, and if you wimp out I won’t pretend to be a fatalist just coz you can’t admit you did”, and that probably sums up the current flavor of the tunes, the alternate scenes not exempt.  So here are five artistes to watch for in the coming months ahead.

1.  Bastille

bastille They’ve dabbled in everything. They started off with soft rock, went on to EDM, stuck though remixes and mashups, and the votes are in. Unconstrained by genres or hype, Bastille is still a voice to watch out for.  Their latest work Imagine dragon’s I bet my life remixed was off the hook, a testament to the powerplayer that Bastille is in 2015.

2.  Diplo

diplomera Thomas Wesley Pentz, a.k.a. Diplo is a big name is the biz right now. He’s worked with some of this decade’s greatest talents, and some even say he legged up off of them; but that’s a load of wind in his sails. And he’s done the phantom Leroux gambit a couple of times to prove it. His addition to the EDM league at last year’s Ultra Music Festival is not his peak point, though. And, while he’s not techno-funking so far, you can check out his latest foster’s work, Mike Posner’s Top of the World.

3.  Steve Aoki

meraevent Another big name in the industry, Steve Aoki made it big back in 2012, but Neon Future 1 and 2 are among his best works yet.  And weirdly enough, he’s yet another to breach borders and genres, but maybe that’s the newest poison. Primarily house, with a lineup that showcases a stronger lenience to bass, Steve Aokin was on the list at this year’s UMF too.

4.  Zedd

merave You think Zedd and the mushiest stuff hits you first, thank you Louisa! Okay, so maybe this should be renamed the EDM mavericks article; yeah, Zedd also branches out, playing with pop-est pop. But that’s why he’s so good at what he does. And his latest with Namie Amuro is rumoured to be the next big thing to happen this June.

5.  Tommy Trash

meraev He’s another defaulter of the one genre segment. But you had to have expected that by now, seeing as he’s remastered works by other masters of the movement better than they have, in some cases. Sometimes sickeningly rhythmic, Olsen’s work will blow you away. He’s the third Ableton user on this list, but he’s not been up to much this year so far, except the UMF and this one single with Burns. So that’s like saying we’re at T minus 40 minutes to takeoff.

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