Event planning tips and a few dos and don’ts for event planners

Event planning tips and a few dos and don’t’s for event planners

Event planning tips to practice for a seamless event

While planning an event, there is always a possible slip between the proverbial lip and the cup. There may be a few things which you cannot take chance with.You may encounter some tough situations in execution. So what? Here are a few steps that will help you avoid all irritants and hindrances.

If planning is not done properly, chances are that every effort will go in vain.

So, make sure, you avoid taking risks and plan it right.

Here is the checklist for some “dos and don’ts” necessary for event planning to stay more organized.

Dos and Dont’s :

1. Groundwork is essential

It’s important to find and analyze various things before planning an event. You need to work on many things, starting from creating a checklist to organizing it, in order to make it a success.

Dos: Investigate about the event, before you start creating a checklist. Identify the type of event and how it can be made innovative and different from others. Find out ways to enhance the guests’ experience at the live event.

Don’ts: Avoid shortcuts. You should never compromise on your client’s requirements, just to make the event planning easy.

2. Limit the budget, but don’t make it cheaper

Once you are done with investigating about the event and creating a checklist, the next step is to fix a budget. This is one of the most important thing to follow while planning an event.

Event plan

Dos: Have a proper planning on the budget, “where, what and how much” is required. Follow three principles while fixing a budget for the event: start with less expense, continue with little more expense and end with the most expensive budget. It will be too silly and awkward to arrange funds during the event, so have extra funds readily available during emergencies.

Don’ts: Don’t miss out from having enough supply of food and drinks at the event.

3. It’s always good to hope for the best, but also expect the worst

One can never assume what can go wrong in an event. So always be prepared to deal with adversity.

Dos: Planning an event seems like a dream, but if planned in the right way, it can create wonders. List out each and every possible thing that can go wrong while planning the event, and be ready with a backup plan or a solution kit. You can take the help of brainstorming to get quick solutions for problems like equipment failure, unexpected weather, speaker fails to work or last minute vendor cancellations, etc.

Don’ts: Never take it easy. It’s not difficult to plan an event, but if something goes wrong and is unexpected, you should be ready to face the consequences. So make sure you don’t miss out from making a Plan B for it.

4. Help your team perform

Being an event planner, it’s your job to plan the event without any hassle. But, it’s also important that your team members have a clear vision and information about the overall plan that needs to be performed.

dos and don'ts

Dos: Share your plannings with your team members. Each and every member who is volunteering the event need to have sufficient information. So that they can handle the unexpected situations independently.

Don’ts: Forget to complete all the legalities (alcohol permissions, space for valet parking, etc.) and various risk assessments that are required for the event. Stay focused and plan for it.

Last but not the least, don’t forget about your health. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, while planning the event. Do meditation and exercise, as it helps you to stay focused and reduces stress as well.

5. Follow up

Besides, planning an event out-and-out, it’s more important to make it known. You don’t have to be perfect to become a good event planner, but you need to ensure that you have covered each and every bit that are prerequisite.

Dos: Maintain a checklist of your planning, and make sure you follow up each and everything. Also, keep records of the vendors, team members, attendees, etc., for future help.

Don’ts: Don’t do multi-tasking, instead follow things step-by-step.

*Avoid long queues – for big events : Luckily, we have an easy online check-in app called EasyTag, which quickly checks the attendees presence at the event.

We are sure that this will be helpful for all the event planners, who are looking for productivity hacks. Feel free to share your tips and suggestions with us, if you want to add any.

Preeti Sahu

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