Bono born again, U2 resurrected from the ashes

Apologies about not covering his most touching performance yet this late in the game, but here it is-

Five days before our intrepid frontman turned 55, he went on to give one of the most inspiring performances of his long musical career, albeit, without his traditional lead guitar solo. Last year, Bono’s cycling accident altered his life and the music industry forever; but what could have been an international musical crisis has merely, and fortunately, become an act of the universe throwing him a complicated question to which the veteran has handed a solid recant.

In January, he admitted that he might never be able to play a guitar again.

But he was down, not out. And, a couple of weeks back U2 performed Angel of Harlem, initially in busker getups at a New York City subway station, with Jimmy Fallon hosting them in a beard, thrilling the fans who sort of felt a bit shaken and stirred after his super-sentimental post online.


After a motley crowd started gathering, Fallon pulled off his disguise and had the band raise their heads up high; Bono sang like he always has, in his characteristic tenor, and it looks like he picked the right song to welcome the loyal zealots in New York .

While Bono’s accident forced them to cancel their weeklong sojourn on The Tonight Show, it looks like Jimmy knew he had his work cut out for him. The informal and honest hash-down on the show late last Saturday with the band and their breakthrough post-accident spoof showed spunk on the part of our favourite 80s rocker.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 1

He’s still Bono, the man who changed rock, etching his mark in the sands of music and time.

The band is on their latest world tour, INNOCENCE + EXPERIENCE (TOUR) 2015, and is enjoying sellouts everywhere. Looks like someone’s ready to be swept off his feet and stop chasing breaking tides. Yeah, you go!
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