Eight ways you draw your target group to an event

Eight ways you draw your target group to an event

Marketing strategies for attracting customers to an event

In Cardekho’s TV commercial, the guy disgusts all by saying: “I know”; The Maggi ad is replete with mother sentiment; and Flipkart app had to be popularized to a smartphone user by a commoner.

What’s all this? Publicity. Mundane publicity doesn’t draw anybody’s attention. A dash of creativity adds that wow factor. What’s the bottom line of all this?

Marketing. The need to right marketing strategy has always evolved over the years and it sure will continue the streak of evolution.

TG (target group) is the in-thing. Tickle their funny bone or wrack their nerve in suspense for a while. There you go. You hit the bull’s eye. Got it? You indeed impressed your market. Now, there is no looking back.

Marketing Strategies for attracting customers

Same way, organize an event. But tell all and sell it before the deadline. You can do it.

Here are the eight tips that can create the necessary buzz that you actually are looking for.

1.Tell all

How do you tell everyone that your upcoming event is a must-attend. Follow these steps: 1. Identify your target group – A/S/L of your patrons and also income group; 2. Choose the medium/media they flock to — TV, newspaper, internet, mobile apps, or they look at hoardings, or listen to those funky jingles in the radio while at the wheel? Choose the right words in the one-liners to draw the eyeballs or the attention. What’s liked by students and youth, may not gel well with their dads and moms. Spread the news all over by all means. Create a recall value for the event. And, your job is already half done.

Advertising your event

2. Use the press and electronic media

Hire a PR firm to the publicity. Choose the right one, based on its area of expertise. Send a press release to print/electronic and digital media, a few days before the event. Use the Engagement column in all these media to inform the event name, date, time and location. And also mention about the key personalities and other important info about the event. Highlight your coordinates, including mobile numbers and email address.

Press and electronic media

3. Don’t forget Like, Comment, Share, Favorite and Retweet

The genre of your event obviously lets you know what social media you should choose. After all, nimble fingers of all your target audience keep on dancing on the touchscreens of their smartphones or tabs.

So, create a buzz in the social media. Let your event trend. If it costs a penny, spending it is wise. No point in being pound foolish.

social media for events

And this marketing strategy works best in your favor if you are active on Facebook for some time now and have already attracted some audiences who had liked your page. Start a conversation and create a Facebook and Twitter page. Linked In works best for professional events. While the other two are the best for all.

social media

You can build excitement among viewers by mentioning the benefits of attending the event. If your event is a seminar or conference, mention the tips and information they will gain and learn from that event which will help them in the long run.

Social media has great potential and there is a platform for everyone. So hit the bull’s eye on marketing the event by picking up the right platform. Exploit everything to the fullest and be all over the internet, your prospective event attendees are sure to find it and hit the register button.

4. Viral marketing

Viral marketing

What’s this? You are aware that a discount is sure to entice an enthusiast to buy a ticket for the event. Create gift coupons, codes, offers and redeemable points. If a buyer promotes your event on app or online, make sure he is rewarded. This is called viral marketing. Do it diligently. Spread the word virally.

5.Sending invitations for the event

Send email invites to all customers and prospects a few weeks before. The invitations can be in the form of flyers, postcards, formal invitations or part of an email campaign. A personalized and handwritten/signed invite appeals more. Keep a VIP guest list and separate them from the crowd. But, mind you who pays for the event is your most VIP. Reminders, bulk SMSes, WhatsApp messages, push notification from your app (if you have one) will all get your crowds there on dot.

sending invitations6. Alert on Dos and don’t’s

Please alert your patrons with an email alert on the dos and don’t’s and FAQs. They may have several doubts. Think through the issues and list the FAQs. This insulates the audience from avoidable challenges.

Do's and Don't's

7. Choose a right ticketing partner

The key to your event’s success lies in choosing the right ticketing partner. How? Look for end-to-end technology providers who can help you identify the venue, service providers, sell tickets for you on their platform, handle cash, food and beverages, event check-in, event networking, digital brochure and whole gamut of other allied activities. They guide you on permissions, taxes, security, etc.

right ticketing partner

8. Making registrations easy for the event

The registration process needs to be simple and easy if you want people to register and participate in your event. The registration process needs to make the potential participant feel confident and enthusiastic about attending the event. A few days before the event, send out an email to all the registered participants, to remind them of the event, which will be appreciated by them. Also provide them directions and other necessary information required for attending the event. Tell them clearly to redeem their e-tickets for physical tickets or participants badges. MeraEvents has a robust event check-in and badge printing app, EasyTag, which ensure the event check-in smooth and leave a lasting impression.


Successful events are organized when you plan everything in great detail and you leave nothing to chance.So, plan your event with the right marketing strategy, which will help you convey your intended message to the target audience and you can enjoy the success.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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