7 reasons why you should attend a music festival

7 Reasons why you should attend a music festival

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley


Music is by itself a festival. So, celebrate it with full verve. These festivals that evolved into a tradition have their moorings anchored way back in 1961. With a desire to experience the ecstasy of music in an open space, euphoric crowds began flocking together to sing in chorus and dance in tandem to create an ensemble in the sprawling grounds and packed auditoria.

Celebrating the spirit of freedom over the past few decades, the trend of music festivals has grown to become popular across the globe with multiple genres taking the audience through a series of compressions and rarefactions of the sound emitted from the symphony.

7 reasons why you should attend a music festival

Come summer, there is an air of joy and even the warm breeze resonates the mirth of music, making the connoisseurs groove to the groundbreaking music.

Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, Moogfest, Tomorrowland, or Sunburn, name any festival, the experience is worth a lifetime. For the beginners, the crowd and noise might seem uncomfortable, but here are 7 reasons why you should attend a music festival and why you will totally love every bit of it.

1. Music:

“Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words. ” ― Robert G. Ingersoll.

7 reasons why you should attend a music festival

If you are a fan of great music, you cannot miss out on being part of the festivals. Music festivals are indeed a paisa vasool (worth your buck) for patrons, as they include concerts by popular artistes, performances featuring an amazing line-up of DJs revving your spirits up.

2. Exposure to new genres:

DJing is the new order drawing youths in multitudes to pick up threads and eventually master the art. Music festivals open up new vistas for the budding musicians and up-and-coming DJs and provide a platform for their maiden performances.

7 reasons why you should attend a music festival

If their nimble fingers dance on the right frets or if the DJs spin the right knobs on the consoles, they are sure to strike a chord with the maddening crowds. Who knows, they may land bigger and solo fests.

Like everything is an experience, every music fest too throws up new genres for you to enjoy.

3. Socializing:

7 reasons why you should attend a music festival

Music festivals give you the most amazing opportunity to enjoy those breathtaking moments with your pals along with kindling new friendships with people who share same tastes and sense of music with you. In the festive ambience and the spirit of music, everyone is happy and living in an ecstatic world that makes it easy to have a quick chat, and make new friends.

4. Memories:

7 reasons why you should attend a music festival

No experience in the world can match the frenzy that a music festival offers. The ecstasy of watching your favorite artistes perform live amidst thousands of other zealous fans leaves you with an experience of more than just being there. You are drenched in an exhilaration that is beyond description. And hey, it also means loads of pictures/selfies to #insta and tweet 😉

5. Booze and bliss:

There can be no better watering hole to raise toast to the music and also get high while sweating it out in joy than a music festival. Let the high spirits flood the place, while your favorite band plays the most reverberating music and experience bliss.

6. Builds endurance:

7 reasons why you should attend a music festival

Music festivals are usually a 12-hour-long affair that extend for two to three days. Swinging and swaying, hands tossed up in the air with a smile that never fades and howls that never turn mute is something that you can never do unless you are part of a high energy music fest. So book your passes now, pack your bags and head to the next big musical gig.

7. It’s amazing!:

Being part of a music festival is nothing but amazing, starting from the day you book your passes to the day you emerge out of the venue bidding a crazy adieu to the artistes after the festival is wrapped up.

Next time you hear the lyrics of Drake asking you “When the last time you did something for the first time?, trust me, you will have too many firsts to recall.

7 reasons why you should attend a music festival

If you are scared of huge crowds or lacking comforts at the music festival (most festivals require camping through the event days), try visiting a music festival organized in your city, town or sorority and you are sure to book your passes for the next big event. So, make sure you check out www.meraevents.com to know about the festivals, the city where the event will happen, artistes performing, and also book your passes instantly.

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