The easy Event Management Checklist

The Basics

Let’s say you’ve decided to host an impromptu get-together, for a large company with your colleagues and employees and maybe your employers too. Your client is probably either a big shot or a member of the HR team, and they’ve realized that this might be just what the doctor would order for their hard working fellow souls toiling in the radius of a mile around themselves; finally! Well, that’s great but how do you go about this sort of thing? Yeah, it’s different, and it seems cool; you’d definitely get your name thrown about for having organized it too.  But it sounds like it’ll take a good bit of effort on your part.

And that part is where you’d think about chucking the idea.  You probably might end up dropping the plan altogether. Well don’t, help is here!

Here’s how you start:

1. Go online

the internet

It’s the fastest way to start, go online and start looking. Check out event pics, the latest show that made a splash, the most recent concerts that big players like MTV and VH1 covered. Look through movies, funny stuff that’s hot on Fb and Twitter; don’t overlook a good old image search on Google. Get a feel for what you want to see happening, a vision.

2. Break it down

do it

With specifics like the locality, the theme, the food you think will work, or whether you want food or not; will you risk it with drinks. If you do, should you control how it goes, like a set limit, two beers a head, or something like that. Will you give a dress code, or will you go with just the props? Will you involve some sort of organizer, or can you pull it off alone? Who’ll come along and how many people will you have to cater to? Will you need to do something about travel and will you get other people to help out? How will you designate roles, will there be other events, like a presentation midway, will you have games or memes or something else? It only looks troublesome until you make an excel sheet, and it takes a minute, seriously.

If you’re in charge you’ll need the HR or ‘face’ team, and if you’re a part of the team, you’ll need your boss to get on board to pull the required strings. It’ll be a lot easier to explain things if you have a picture-based slide show, small and simple, one that can be made with doodles works too.

3. Funds


Make sure you know who’s paying for what. You’ll obviously always have to budget sensibly.

4. Teamwork


This involves delegation, who does what.  Don’t get too many people on board, two might actually be enough. Even if this is a spur of the moment thing, the right people and good communication is honestly all it takes to make it happen in a matter of hours. Once it’s all been set, get at it. Use a tick box, one where everyone has two or three goals to accomplish within the hour. And keep at it till it’s a go.

5. Hospitality


Unless you’re using a proper organizer app, you’ll need to put someone in charge of this bunch, for props, if they’re using them. And you’ll need a few volunteers to keep your crowd where it needs to be, or get them where they need to go. You might need a name list if you’re hiring help, sometimes even if you’re using in-house resources. An anchor or a master of ceremonies (an emcee, silly) might need to be picked too, and some pros do a really good job. You’ll need to interact with candidates before you choose one, even if you know them/him/her.

6. The final checklist


You’ll have your own trademark method of making a list, with secret markings and scratches or scribbles that you know by heart. Make it and use it, all the way to the final trickle of your band out the halls. Then pin it on your desk board as a proud reminder of your ‘hard work’.

Obviously, have fun yourself, but you know the whole process will be just as entertaining as the main event.

And, seriously, at Mera Events, we can actually help you out with this! Like, for real. With all the weird hats (link to prev article) and stuff.

But anyway, try out something, anything; shake it up! Whatever you decide to do, this is one idea that never fails to work its magic.

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